Interest check: ps1/ps2 games, kung fu dvds/animation

not sure but i wanted to see if it was worth putting on here or on ebay, if enough people are interested here…i’ll prolly just end up getting rid of the stuff here, though we’ll see what happens.

as for games:
street fighter alpha 3(tested and works fine, though the cd case it’s in is kinda cracked…comes with manual though) 10$
street fighter collection disc 2 works, and disc 1 doesn’t for some reason…though it may be able to be cleaned somehow to get it to work (i got the discs like this, sorry…) 5$
street fighter ex plus a this was tested and works fine…no manual though :frowning: 10$

street fighter ex3 15$
capcom fighting evolution 10$
capcom classics collection vol 2 10$
the king of fighters 02/03 30$
tekken 55$
guilty gear xx accent core12$
guilty gear x2 12$
guilty gear isuka 10$
guilty gear x 7$

guilty gear x2 #reload(it works for me on the 360, but i dunno if it’ll work anymore due to their change of the BC thing) 5$

kung fu dvds: 7$ each
snake in the eagles shadow
five deadly venoms
shaolin master killer
dragon tiger gate
fatal contact
the real bruce lee(it’s some sort of documentary i think…didn’t quite get around to it)
game of death
labryinth of death
shaolin drunk monkey
shaolin vs wu tang
return of the master killer
instructors of death
the rebel(this movie is surprisingly good
flash point
drunken master

i also have a couple of animation dvds i might as well put up…

simpsons complete 1st season 10$
street fighter alpha the movie 7$
street fighter 2 collection, it was called 2v or something like that…though the way they did it is more like a show then a movie 15$
samarai champloo disc i bought off ebay, i believe it’s the entire 1st season…though not sure if it’s the official disc set, it still works fine though 10$
dead leaves(very weird might i add) 7$
batman begins(2 disc deluxe edition) 7$

i also would like to add, of course that i’m not covering shipping, so keep that in mind as well. thanks

i’d probably buy A3, EX3 and KOF 02/03

I’m interested in the kungfu dvds are they the celestial region 1 releases? You can pm me the list and prices.

yea prices would be nice lol.

is that legend of the drunken master? or just drunken master? And the rebel is dope cause it’s in vietnamese! (sorry had to rep viet pride y’know).

Anyway so what is a good offer on that KOF?

Willing to hook it up if i get a few things?

pm me :wink: