Interest Check! PS3, Dreamcast, Sega Saturn Small HDTV+ Games + More

UPDATE: Since there isnt anyone with the MPC, I might as well sell all these things so I could get enough to get one. So! INTEREST CHECK!

The item (MPC) is this: [url

PS3: (One controller, Headset, 60 GB I believe, HD Cable)
-Street Fighter 4

  • The Orange Box
  • FolkLore
  • MotorStorm

Sega Saturn: (One controller, Console)

  • Fighter’s Megamix
    -3 Dirty Dwarves
    -ST Key for japanese games

Dreamcast: ( Two Controllers, VMU, Console)
-Project Justice
-Spawn(caseless, imperfect)
-Sonic Adventure

ViewSonic HDTV (19 inch, I believe with Remote)

All things work and I’m willing trade as soon as possible

All of these things are in working condition. Let’s do business soon!


UPDATE:I have PS2 Games and two Wii sticks for Interest Check as well(will update with pics soon);

-Capcom vs. SNK 2
-Marvel vs. Capcom 2(imperfect, but been playing with since it’s release)
-Virtual-ON MARZ
-Persona 4
-Guilty Gear Accent Core
-Samurai Spirits Tenka(Import)
-Melty Blood Act Cadenza(Import)
-R.A.D= Robot Alchemic Drive
-Auto Modellista

Wii Sticks;

-tatsunoko vs. Capcom mad Catz Stick
-Wii Hori Stick (no Box)

so, I JUST WANT A MPC1000 or MPC2500! Help me get close to my dream!!!

don’t let this deal pass you by

got to post prices.

All for the MPC (1000 or higher or a drum machine just as good)




I guess NO one has one? whoa…

Since this isn’t going so well, I might as well switch up the method

Yea sell everything then u can buy 1

I used this Idea mac lol thanks

  1. post prices
  2. don’t bump unless you’re dropping said prices.