Interest Check: PS3 Hit Box



Anyone interested in a PS3 Hit Box?

It’s black with yellow buttons. It smells like roses and makes you more attractive.

I prefer to trade for a new or barely used external hard drive. 3TB WD preferably, but I’m open to offers. I’m also down to sell it, but I’m less interested in that.

Pics have been posted.

Let me know.



Pics please, then we’ll talk :slight_smile:


For sure. I’ll post them by this time tomorrow.

Oh and another thing, it’s barely used. About 10 play sessions total. I’m getting rid of it because I’m only interested in Tekken for Wii U anymore.


Sounds good!


Pics have been posted.


I would give you an offer but I have no clue as of what the value of Hit Boxes are. Would you mind giving me a few pointers?


Mine is the one on top. $159.99. 3TB WD External Drive is the same price. :slight_smile:


A good wipe down might help move this sale/trade along. Although you only have 10 sessions played with it, I can see lots of fingerprints.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I was in a bit of a hurry last night.

I’ll post some nice pics later today.

I was assuming you meant price value. In case you meant practical/executional value, then check this out. I’ll definitely never return to joystick. I plan on getting a Hit Box for Wii U if they ever make one. I’ll contact them and have a custom one made if necessary.


Nice, Im down, but all I have is a never used before 2TB Ex-drive. I payed for it about that price, but its just sat in its box and I’ve only just opened the box, never used it. If your down, let me know. I’ll take a pic & post it asap


Would you mind posting a pic of it and a screenshot of it’s storage capacity?

EDIT: I don’t have any credibility feedback here, but I’m positive Valaris will vouch for me. :slight_smile:


yea i’ll get a couple pics up. should be a couple more hours till i can get em taken


I did mean price value, don’t worry about that haha. It’s not in my budget, unfortunately.


Hit Box is tentatively being traded.

I’ll post again to notify if it’s gone or available.


Hotbox is mine. Great trade. Thanks again!