Interest check (PSA side tournament at EVO)


Figured I’d get the opinions of the folks here about a side tournament at EVO this year, since it’s looking pretty grim for PSA’s chances on making it as the 8th game. So, uh…yeah, would you guys be game for such a thing? If so, I’d be open to taking suggestions on the format, whether or not we’d do 2v2 or 1v1, etc.


I probably won’t be there as I’m a brazilian and all, but I’d be really happy to see a PAS:BR side tourney. I seriously think this game isn’t getting the love it deserves.

As far as format goes, I’m inclined to think that 2v2 would make things a lot more interesting.


if i get there i’ll fight you dopples :slight_smile:


Sad that PSASBR probably wont be the 8th EVO game. Glad to see you are trying to do something positive for the game and its community. Unfortunately I live in Hawaii and making it to EVO is a bit costly. There is a pretty active PSASBR community on reddit perhaps, I can try to garner some interest there.


I’d appreciate that a lot, actually. The more people we can get involved, the better, obviously!


Cool I’ll post something now. I just became a moderator there recently so hopefully it will get some attention. Also feel free to stop by and enter the chat there. We usually have some really good players just hanging out in chat ready to go.


Huh… For some reason my reply didn’t get posted, so here we go again!

There are quite a few communities for this game. I know Gamefaqs has a rather active one, but I try not to set foot in there.
Besides that there is:






Those are the ones that I know of, but there may be more. I know IGN is having a league right now (So far everyone I’ve played is scrubby) and Fragnation hosts tournaments for it. Fragnation also has season play but it’s horribly run.

That being said I would love to see this at EVO. Probably in 2v2 since that’s more fun to watch, but 1v1 would be great too.


Don’t forget ! We are quite active on the reddit and in our irc chat.


Great support for this game guys :slight_smile:


Agreed. The reddit for PSA especially seems very active, and actually seems to have players who do more than just complain or troll. So shoutouts to those guys! :smiley:


I will be back to making match videos and some new combo vids for spike in about a week. I’m uploading videos from my tournament I was running this past weekend.


Bumping this up some.


still want a side tourney :slight_smile:


Yes please! I will definitely enter Allstars if its there!