Interest check: Return of the 1 player 2vs2 Weekly tournies for SSF4?

Ive had a few people ask me if I was going to run the same tournaments I used to for Super Street Fighter 4 and I think it’d be a good idea. I’d like to see if there is any other interest in doing a weekly thing starting first week of may to get these going again. With the influx of new players as well as new characters I feel this would be a great way to get matchup exp, as well as get used to using other characters in a casual tournament environment. So please post here if you are interested in these!

Rules would be the same and they are as follow…

Same rules as last time with a few more things…

  1. You MUST have/use IRC during the tournament. it is a very simple program, and it will make things run much smoother. If you don’t have it, i’m sure there are other events you can enter, but for this I need everyone on IRC. If you don’t have it already, go to and download a copy. It’s extremely easy to use and free! If you CAN’T get mirc… you can use website based ones such as chatzilla and mibbit to get in. If you are on a mac you can use colloquy.

  2. You MUST be in north america. Reason being is last time we tried this we had multiple connection issues with our friends overseas. Sorry guys!

  3. Sorry to anyone who flaked on the last tourney after signing up, but you will not be allowed to enter this specific tournament. It’s a lot more fun when there aren’t 6 byes being handed out because of no shows. If you aren’t going to be able to make it, DO NOT SIGN UP. Thanks

  4. You have to be in the IRC chat 15 minutes before the start… which is currently TBD. This will just make things easier for everyone.

The rest is the same as before-

-no same character teams ( ryu, ryu)

-Stick with your team the entire tournament

-double elimination single match format

-Double KO to end a match results in another match being played.

-You have 5 minutes once your match is supposed to start to play or you are DQ’d.

sounds like fun. if this goes down lemme know when its starting.

those tournies were fun as hell…i would definitely be in…