Interest Check; Rockband Night at the Lookout?


true story. I finally played Rockband for the first time last weekend.

sunday night Kriangkrai made mention of playing some rockband at the lookout at the next barfights. they have the space (and even a stage).

I’d kinda like to have it on a night other then barfights. it feels like we would be taking over too much of the space for gaming setups.

anybody else? discuss…


Only if StarSlay3r is there.


i think we should do it so people at the bar don’t feel Intimidated by the street fighter crowd also man I get worn out playing street fighter that much it might be good to switch it up! If enough people are down i’ll bring my set up


Only problem is that it’s Sunday night so I don’t think many people are looking to get very drunk, and half the fun of rockband only happens after 4-5 drinks.


good points.

would saturdays work better for most people? I’d have to check with the manager about a date change. sundays are typically a slow night for bars. and I know a bunch of you guys work in service.

maybe start earlier? 4-5ish?

I have a TON of other games (but not rockband). off the top of my head;

Super Stardust HD (2 player)
Pixeljunk Eden (3 player)
RE5 (2 player)
TMNT (4 player)

I’ll be adding Tekken 6 as soon as it drops.


Yeah-yuh. Meh on Rockband.


Oh snap, Mortal Kombat would be sweet ass. Bring some Sub-Zero action. I like Sunday nights because it’s more casual honestly, and I feel like the bar wouldn’t really appreciate our presence as much on a Saturday(busy) night, it might even scare away some of their customers.


Not really a RockBand player.


nuff said.


I’d be interested in this depending on the nights. I’m currently being a spooky monster at a haunted thing out in Snohomish. So Fri/Sat nights are out for me. Sundays could work though.


Just don’t forget that Saturday night = Tournament Wars (10:30pm)


and there’s that… DOH! settles that debate.