Interest check : Seimitsu Group Order

As Evo is fast approaching and I was needing to order some parts myself, I thought I’d see if anyone would be interested in going in on a group order. I could place it as soon as next week and probably have the parts by then as well. As some of you know, I used to sell Seimitsu parts and my old contact has indicated he’d be willing to place the order. Post or PM me and I’ll figure out some pricing, mostly just want to split the shipping between everyone and give a small fee to my contact, not looking to make profit on this.

I am interested :slight_smile:

i would…buh im broke=[

anyone thats hesitant about this dont be pape iz a good man very honest

I’m interested as well, but I’d have to know how much extra I’d have to pay for shipping and stuff beforehand.

I would be interested in :

1 X LS-32-01 Pink
6 X PS-14-G Pink/Black
2 X PS-14-G Yellow/Black
2 X AM-30

Depending on price of course.

Would there be a minimum order? And do you plan on having a handling fee kind of like Akihabara, or just a small markup like oxtsu does on shmups?

I might be in for a smaller order, just a handful of buttons probably.

all i really want right now is a blue bubble balltop

I’m interested in getting some more PS-14-K’s O_O

I’m interested, but I get payed on the 20th. I’ll see what I can come up with.

I’m down. Let us know when you need the order and payment by and it’ll be good for me.

I’m interested too but what are the prices like?

Same here

Since I’m not doing this to make profit, we can probably charge website or direct from Seimitsu prices. We just need to set an amount to give my contact per order and divide up shipping.

As for the questions, I won’t require a minimum order but I figure you should make it worth your while. I’ve going to try to catch him online tonight. Keep the responses or questions coming, I’ll get to them asap.

I would be interested in a blue LS-32-01

well if you want numbers. Im shooting for minimum 24x PS-14-K in clear, maybe some more depending what i have to spend.

Interested in 1 green LS-32-01 and 6 green standard seimitsu snapins, forget the part name.

Interested in:

2 X LS-32-01 / One Green and one Blue
6 X PS-14-G Blue/Black
2 X PS-14-D Blue/Black
2 X LB-49 / One Green and one Blue
4 X am-30

Scratch my interest on the order. Solly :frowning: But I need some sanwa parts too.

Hey if you can get the 500 yen per play stickers then add that to my order.

im interested too. will you be able to ship international?

looking for 24x PS-K-14 buttons (12x Clear, 6x purple, 6x blue)
4x bubble tops (2x clear, 1x purple, 1x blue