Interest check : Seimitsu Group Order

I had something come up money wise, check my other thread … however. It’s not bad news. I’m going to put my contact in touch with you guys so you can order direct from him. He’s the one who supplied all of the JL Imports pieces and he will be happy to help you guys out. This way you can get stuff shipped direct to you. I’ve got his info at home, I’ll post it up in a couple hours.


Are you gonna give us the info? if not i’m gonna look elsewhere.

Then go ahead and look elsewhere. I’m trying to confirm things with him to make sure he has time to do this, just like most other people, he has school and work to manage as well. As soon as I get it confirmed, I’ll post the info.

Be patient. Obviously it’s not that easy to get Seimitsu stuff in the US otherwise this thread wouldn’t even exist. He’s not even trying to make money on this so don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (or however that saying goes).

I didn’t mean to sound like a dick it’s just that i didn’t know it would take this long that’s all, i just wanted some info on how long this would take. Sorry:sad:

I’m interested in getting either a clear or clear blue ball top. Let me know the pricing on that.

If the order is not made yet I would like to make an order for:

(6) PS-14-G white (clear) screw in
(2) PS-14-D White (clear) screw in