Interest Check: Signed Hori Premium RAP VLX (PS3)


Just wondering if people would be interested/and for how much.

Signed Hori Premium RAP VLX for PS3.

Signed by TEKKEN TEAM’s Katsuhiro Harada.

Picture here:

No interest eh?

Oh well.

$200 usd ???

Thanks for the offer, but for all future offers, I’m not looking to sell this for under the going rate of the VLX ($300 retail).

well I think this is the kind of stuff you can’t put a price in lol or it’s worth too much. Either way its a really nice item

Yeah I didn’t want to offend with an offer.
But since some idiot already posted $200, I’d gladly give up $300 for this.

$300 would be easy-peasy. But I’d almost prefer those pre-orders going up on the Hori store. That was my biggest disappointment of E3…