Interest Check - simplification/cleanup connections for sticks and padhacks

I was looking to see a potential interest check for some product I may purchase in mass in order to easily distribute about amongst the varying stick makers, both the individuals popping in and the resellers. I say redistribute as while the parts I can find are ridiculously cheap, they come from Thailand and would be cheaper to redistribute one big lump package.

What I’ve done on a stick I’ve been working on is work with headers and connectors filling in gaps for the Cthulhu/Imp/RJ-45/etc., making the soldering job cleaner and easier, leaving simple ribbon cable connections between the setups. It doesn’t help a padhack too much, as the soldering there will still be as difficult, but below is my example of what I mean.

The image doesn’t really show what I did all that well, but what I have done is probably overkill for most of what you guys might all do for the setup. The connection from the padhack to the Cthulhu may be the most wanted part and may be the only part I consider ordering in mass.

On the Cthulhu are two additions that matter: the 20-pin IDC header and the 8-pin normal header. The other headers I added as opposed to terminal strips, but seeing as the Cthulhu’s are no longer being distributed unassembled, it seems pointless to think about for any future work.

On the Imp board are a 6-pin normal header and a 3-pin header. These probably won’t be as popular and I have my doubts anyone will care on them, but I thought I’d share 'em anyway.

Ultimately, the 20-pin header on the Cthulhu I’d assume might have some interest. I simply yanked 3 pins from it and soldered it into place, then used a 20-pin connector clamped onto ribbon cable that I split at the other end and soldered to my padhack (in this case, a 360 retrostick pcb).

I plan to use a similar connector that I’d feed my RJ-45 cable into and connect to the Cthulhu, and as seen in the first image, used a bunch of 2-pin connectors to connect the padhack and Cthulhu up to the Imp.

My interest check is whether or not people would be willing to buy 'em off me if I go and buy a bunch of 'em. I linked to the products in question in case someone has interest but there’s not enough, you can always order from them yourself. It’d cost more than if I were to redistribute them, though.

So anyway, lemme know if any of this sounds like a good possibility and if the interest is high enough, I’ll probably buy a bunch and hook you guys up. Considering the size of these items, I should be able to send them out in hard letter envelopes by mail easy enough for cheap shipping. Can’t imagine more than a buck or two including shipping for what’s above covering the cost of everything for individual orders. I could also provide an amount of ribbon cable if need be.

Wow, that is great work! If I had a spare case I would consider looking into this, but unfortunatelty I can’t get my hands on a case :frowning:

Hope it works out for you though

Very nice!

Although I already have two sticks, I want to sell them to make my own, and something like this will be great. How much would a set-up with everything like the one in your pics cost??

Well, if you mean a final product like above, I don’t know if I was thinking of going that far with it. More like supplying the parts involved. That being said, if I bought in bulk and redistributed, I think 2-3 dollars would cover all the pieces involved that aren’t the PCBs themselves. If it was just the extension connection and the RJ-45 connection, prolly more like 1-2. When I bought my set there, it cost me about $20+currency conversion fee (Thailand, remember), so you can see where a redistribution makes it considerably cheaper in the long run.

It’s really easy to do, too. The soldering of the connectors is a lot easier than soldering a wire into place, and the wire connectors come with crimp pins that slip in and lock into place.