Interest check : sticks and random shit


just seeing if anyone wanted any of this crap i dont need. prices have been edited for shipping.

anybody from Socal wanting shit i will do pickup for ten less.

i gots sc2 hori with box… mint condition - SOLD
sega dc agetec stick with box mint condition - SOLD to Button_Mash
tekken 5 hori with box in mint condition - MikeI hit me up first. now pending
SFAC stick stock with BOX (box has slight tear in back, NO POSTER) in mint condition - SOLD
and japanese bemani 2dx keyboard w/ box in mint condition. $60 OBO Shipped


post prices
also im in the westcovina/lapuente area


Same here. FFA area


… that ‘mira’ wouldn’t happen to be ‘mira mesa’ would it? i’m interested in the agetech btw. price?


mira loma
thats near Riverside


im around the pomona/corona/riverside area…

closest arcades to me are super/AI/james/psm/Camelot


Must… have… SC2 hori…


if youre going to Evo East ill take it with me if you want to buy it.


Unfortunately I have to work the entire weekend cause I went to an SC3 tourney last weekend. :sad:




granted you won’t agree. I’ll offer 40 shipped for the bemani controller. I’m in norcal (San Jose).


bump bump bump


that japanese IIDX keyboard…

does it make a loud noise when you hit the key, or is it soft?


yo nam, i want the iidx…also, u know anyone that can sell me a good stick for marvel? i need to practice yo, get at me thru PM


all i have are ps2 sticks. but yea if you want the keyboard hit me up in PM. ill lower the price for you


U still selling the t5 stick?


updated with lower prices




pm sent