Interest check: Streamed Balrog discussion sessions on TwitchTV



Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating in a group discussion session. I can have a stream up with a training partner and we can recreate tricky situations that typical balrog players may run into and we can discuss solutions. I can also show examples of interesting setups/safe jumps/matchup specific information. You guys can also share information and based on that, I can try to reproduce it on the stream.

I could also end the stream with example matches against certain matchups some of you may be having trouble with. Whether I win or lose, some of you guys can either get a better idea of how to play the matchup or some might have some tips for me.

It would be nice for some of the regulars on here to participate and maybe even the stream themselves at some point. What do you think?


what day/time?


I’m in the eastern timezone. Any time is fine for me as long as its after 6pm EST. I’m mostly wondering if there’s interest in this. I’m sure there are many tricks we can learn from each other.


Hey again guys, just want to bump this again to see if anyone would be interested. I still believe this would be a great opportunity for us to trade tips over a live discussion and with my stream, we could do our best to recreate scenarios so that everyone can see and visually get a better understanding for whatever they are trying to learn or teach. This would be especially good for the newer balrogs out there that might not be aware of simple tricks the more veteran balrogs have been doing for years. I also suggest we go over some different matchups and I can bring in people with various skill levels with different characters to help us out from my local scene. I am very interested in both giving tips and learning tricks from you guys, so please respond if you are interested.

These sessions will be recorded as well for further reference and for those who may not be able to make it.


I’d be interested, it’s a good idea.

Might be hard to implement and get going but for sure it’s a great idea.
Admittedly I’ll probably miss it due to time zones but I’d watch the vods.

I’m a strong believer in the ability to learn from watching any balrog play, so having something like this is totally worth it even if all I learn is something as simple as ‘roundhouse beats out all of yuns st.hp at X range’ then it’s worth watching.

So hell yeah man, keen!


lol to prepare these sessions, me and my sparring partner went over some balrog vs yun matches:

Keep in mind that we were both a bit tipsy and tired, which is why some of the stuff we say don’t really make sense (omg every 5 seconds). I was also missing a billion combos. I was mostly trying to test out the mic and making sure everything worked smooth. I think it was alright except for a bit of echo. I really do need a new mic tho. this thing is like 10 years old.

It would be very nice if, at the end of the session, I’d be able to beat my friend’s Yun at least 9/10 times instead of around 3.5/10 times


I’d be down.

Do you guys play on 360 or PSN?


That sounds great. I’m thinking of doing this maybe:

Next Tuesday at around 8 pm EST.

I’ll be on deck hopefully with a buddy at my place to help out with the training dummy or some sparring sessions. We could even try and start an endless room if someone wants to show something (hopefully it won’t be laggy) that I can’t reproduce properly without seeing it first. It would be great if we can keep this within 45-60 minutes so that we don’t jam too much information into a single session.


I suck so I have nothing to contribute but i’d love to watch



But are you guys on psn or 360? I’m on psn.


im on 360 unfortunately


Hey guys, so tonight’s the test run. perhaps not many of u can make it today, but if it does go well, we should try and schedule a set date so more of us can make it. Either way, the session will be recorded. See you guys tonight!

The link to my stream is:

I’ll post once the stream goes Live


Sorry guys, I won’t be able to do the stream thing tonight, but I would like to move it to tomorrow same time.


cool, what time ? ^


although i’m probably too busy to actually join the session, I can throw some things together to try out/show talk about if you’ve got a specific topic in mind.


So it’ll be tonight 8 pm EST. I will have a friend of mine with me who can play multiple characters (Yun, Yang, Ryu, C.Viper, Balrog are his strongest)


Hey guys, the stream is now LIVE


Thanks for those who showed up. You can find the session here:

Next time, I’ll have a webcam + better microphone. Hopefully we can get a large group next time for better discussions.

Ill also need to find a way to make the archived videos more useful, since right now, it just sounds like I’m talking to myself, lol.