Interest Check: Super Sf2 Turbo and Vampire Savior B Board (American) SOLD

I have a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Vampire Savior B Board (Blue board available that I plan to sell for $180 for ST and $150 for Vampire Savior. Or take both for $300 with free shipping.

If interested let me know. I will try and take some pictures later tonight. Both boards work perfectly and have had there battery changed.

The Vampire Savior does also comes with the large marquee.

Also looking for possible trade/deal if you own Spectral v.s Generation for PS2.

pm sent!!!


Lowered the price.

Willing to trade for Spectral vs Generation PS2.


Just letting you know. That price for Vampire Savior is incredbly high. Especially since it doesn’t come with an “A” board.

It is true that you’re asking nearly twice as much for that Vampire Savior board than its generally worth. I see similar VS boards go for about $75 on a good day. If you had a A board to go with it then I could see asking about $125.

What is the status of the batteries in these boards? Both boards are working I assume? Have the batteries been replaced recently?

pm sent

Sorry for the late reply but these items were sold.


Edit: Can mods please close this thread for me.