Interest Check: Taito Vewlix-L 2 Player Cabs


After going to Japan and playing them again, I really want one! I love my Kraylix, but there’s just something great about the original. I’ve started working with a company to see the cost to get one to the states. Turns out its just as expensive based on my research, to ship a full container as it is a single cab.

Details: Vewlix-L Two Player Cabs. Expected price before shipping to the US is $1350. Can do 18 total machines in a 20’ container. These would be fully populated minus the actual arcade board. No overhead, no profit for me. Just something to get a few to the US and the East Coast! One quick estimate was $3K to get the container here.

Payments: If there is enough interest, a full payment up front would be required. I’m less than interested in getting stuck with $5K worth of cabinets because people back out or say they want one to only not get one :slight_smile: I hope this is understandable. Payment would be via Direct Deposit, Money Order, Check, PayPal if you pay all fees.

Port of Entry: Shooting to be Norfolk VA since it’s close to me and I can get there easily. Will hire a company (probably CONRAD) to get them to me in DC and those further out. Norfolk is a pretty easy place to ship from since its a big port. Shipping would be up to the purchaser.

Please post up here or on my Facebook page if you are interested. If I get 17 people quick, then it’s on!

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There was a nice write up of it by a guy over at N-G and the lag isn’t that bad. When playing on it over in Japan I didn’t even notice it. I

Why the yelling about it?


Jasen, I’ve got a clone, but for that price plus breaking shipping down across 18 people, I might be in the market for another one… are these the taito original L cabs or the clones ? (color options ?)

I mean guestimate of around 1500 for people to get one of the best looking steel frame LCD cabs that takes 100Y coins, and are set up for Jamma or X, X2 hardware ?, not to mention converting for a console is so easy its criminal, good stuff man.

Also, I’m in VA near you, and travel to Hampton/Norfolk often, let me know if I can help, pm or whatever I’m in 703, I’ve worked with Coinop and Highway before.


This is a great deal. I wished I could pick one up from you. I’m pretty sure everyone here knows what a vewlix looks like but you should post up some pics of the cabinet. Every thread should have some vewlix porn.


These are the L version, not the F version. Looking like the Black/Silver Variant. I can inquire about other colors. These are JAMMA, but throwing an I/O onto the JAMMA Harness and stuffing an X2 is easy. Thats my plan :slight_smile:

I found that the container is $3400 to get it from China (where they are made for Taito) to Norfolk VA. That makes each cab ~$1550 before any customs/duty. Thats the next part I have to look into. May need to consult a customs broker to assist getting them through.

@Trugoy I’m in the 703 as well… which you probably already know! Feel free to drop me a line if you need anything or assistance with a project.



Subscribing to see how things turn out. I’m rootin’ for ya bud


Customs brokers are odd, they just make sure your container/packages get accepted and get paid for paperwork. I spent $160 ish each time I’ve imported a single cab, so maybe its a percentage, or just a flat fee, let me know, and I’ll prolly hit you up via pm today too.

Also, not to make this a wild and crazy pipe dream, but depending on who you’re going thru, would a blast city or new net city be out of the question as well ?
I’ve seen them listed for uber cheap lately.



I have used a Customs Broker in the past when I moved back from italy and brough ~500 bottles of wine home. It was worth it! The company I am buying these through (or hope to) is actually a manufacturer of these particular cabinets. I would love to bring some Blast/Net Cities in but haven’t found a source yet.


I don’t know if you’re taking requests but I guess I’ll just put it out there:

If you find a source of Capcom Mini Cute Cabinets in Japan I’ll buy as many Mini Cutes as you can fit in your container.


I wish I could get other stuff! There are about 5 cabs I really want!


I would participate if this were on the west coast… I will keep an eye out and I’m rooting for ya! Insanely good price for a Vewlix! Just to clarify, your source can get you the Vewlix F or the Vewlix L? Thought the Vewlix F was more expensive than $1350.


Jay, you are right. the F is more expensive than the L, these are for the L-Cabs though.


Subscribed, I’m cerainly interested and this isn’t much more than a painted and delivered kraylix. How much do you need upfront? I’m in Rockville, so in your neighborhood.


Damn!! What about the West Coast?


Hey Jasen, if enough of us are interested in the mid-west to west coast, maybe we could have a group of cabs delivered to an agreed spot and split the delivery cost. Could be more trouble than it’s worth though…


I’ll be collecting all cash (minus shipping charges) up front. Still have a long way to 18… but I’m tracking about 6 right now.



Thought I should post this. I contacted the gameroom based in Utah and inquired with Ken on importing a Vewlix F.


Wow… thats excellent info. Interesting…


Whats up live in new york but i would be willing to take the drive was wondering what other cabs were possible to import. Was wondering if your using coinopsexpress.