Interest Check: Tech Talk T-shirt Group buy


I want to bring the Tech Talk shirts back,
Thus I doing a interest check for a group buy for shirts.

Those who were here 3/4 years ago remember the last batch of shirts, and that was fun.

Color and the design of the shirt is not set and nether is the price. The number of those who are interested will effect what and where I can order from.
The idea is for all who are interested can give their input of what they might like.

I already contacted d3v to help come up with a new design.

Shown Interest.

  1. Dark Sakul
  2. D3v
  3. iNENDOi
  4. Finest_KO
  5. Chananigans
  6. Moonchilde
  7. Missing Person
  8. blueNINE
  9. Gummo
  10. FreedomGundam
  11. gahrling
  12. manbehindthewires
  13. Kyle
  14. RoboKrikit
  15. Jasen Hicks
  16. Gigazord
  17. jonyfraze
  18. sethian0
  19. krisimbored
  20. jwyder
  21. TRiXWoN
  22. Solmin
  23. krisimbored
  24. VirtualCosmic
  25. Coffeejuice
  26. jrronimo
  27. Reiraku
  28. Shenmue
  29. pzlate
  30. kombatmedik
  31. MarkMan
  32. gigabyte
  33. Graymalkin


You know I’m in.


I’m down


Count me in.


Can we at least make it so it’s not all black again this time?


I’m interested.


What color do you suggest?




Blue, yellow, red. Anything but black.



Why not use that site that the Your Behave Is Just Fuck shirt used?


I’d buy a shirt or two! Would prefer black or grey shirts.


No mas black.


There should be a Dremel on the shirt. Either way I’m down.


Can we have SRK Tech Talk underwear with an 8-button design on it?


Or even an option for 7-button as to not alienate anyone?


8 dicks are cool.


If tech scrubs are allowed, count me in :slight_smile:


I suck at visiting this site lately but I’d like one.

I’d recommend collecting monies up front. Get them screen printed. Both of my shirts have held up pretty well with regular use. With screen printing at least, you pay per color you want. It’s not significant but helps to keep cost down.


I have been busy lately too, but I’m always Tech Talk.


Since you did the last t-shirt buy in I follow your advice

I would do a poll of what shirt color to get, but I want to see what design and supplier I can get first, as who ever I go though would have the shirt supply.