Interest check! TvC side-tournament at EVO 2011


Since it was announced that TvC will not be a part of EVO 2011’s official game lineup, I’ve decided to run a TvC side-tournament for the people who want it. I suggest we run the side-tournament on EVO Saturday (July 30), since most people should be comfortable with the venue by then. I suggest a $10 entry fee for each player so we get a decent-sized prize pot.

I’d only want to do one tournament since the first time I ran a side-tournament in '09 didn’t go entirely as planned (lots of DQs), so I hope this time it’ll go more according to plan.

Please post up if you’re interested so we can get the ball rolling.


I’m interested but not entirely sure if I’ll be going to EVO. I’ll have graduated from college by then and should have some more freedom, but it’s going to depend on how quickly I can land a job and get the money to go. Assuming I go though, TvC would actually be my primary motivation for going if it went down.


Make it $50 high stakes and I’m in! Just kidding, you know I’m down…

Also, I wanna consider running another team tourney as well, that shit was mad fun.


I’m a cheapass, make it 5$ entry lol.

Also you guys MUST let me know the time before the event, none of this “we’re playing during the SSF4 semifinals” stuff.


my reason for going to evo10 was the tvc sadly i couldnt get the money on time, now evo11 doesnt have an offiacial tournament line up, so i was thinking about not going at all, but i guess is a good oportunity to level up my game since theres not much people here in my home that plays tvc that much, so i think i try to go


We’re going to play during SSF4 finals. Originally we would’ve played during MvC3 finals, but then I wouldn’t make it since I’d be winning MvC3.

lol just kidding. Hopefully if we run it, it’ll be a bit more organized than the last one.


It’s a good thing we’re planning all of this now.

Nyoronoru: I’d like to hear people’s opinion on entry. I like not having to pay a venue fee and know that all the money goes to top 3 players. Once we get a better idea of EVO 2011 schedule for the first two days, we can plan the time to run the tournament(s) more accordingly.

.::OZ::. : I’d love to see you come out and play after hearing about your vids.

KBeast: Teams were pretty fun last year… Except that we got gimped pretty badly, considering we were part of EVO Top 8 and all X(

Phampy: Maybe running through SSFIV pools will be a better ideas ;p…

AvariceX: Show us some Canadian love! I know Canadians are good at XvSF ;p


I’m Always down for a TVC TOURNAMENT!!!


You get Canadian love just for making the effort to keep TvC alive :D. This game is too good. I’ve been spending too much to travel for gaming recently though; for me a ‘close’ tourney is a 3 hour drive to Toronto. I also went to NJ last summer for Apex 2010 (smash tourney) and decided I wasn’t going to go to any more majors for a while. I am planning to go to one major this year though; it’ll either be EVO, Genesis 2 (smash) or SRT in Japan (also smash). EVO probably has the highest chance - even though I want to go to SRT and it even starts on my birthday, that’s right near the end of my final semester of college and I don’t want to jeopordize my grades or anything.

tl;dr I’ll go if I have money XD.


I’m down. What are the ahem rules?


Trying my damnedest to make it down this year, seeing how it looks like I won’t be entering anything official for now I’d love to enter a TvC side tourney.


You have to play PTX with no back + B launch move.



how about getting tvc into la revelation. late june?


Big Daddy Chris:

EDIT: Now I know about LA RevelLAtions. As long as Jint is involved, we have a good shot.


I’m down for sure, for singles or teams. I could actually swing a team Japan this year.


I think we will eventually have both teams and singles. And this time, since MvC3 will already be out, nobody will be clung to that booth just to try out the game!

Why do I feel extra hype for TvC? Like, come Evo i don’t think I’m gonna play much MvC3 still lol


TvC was too hype last year. People just don’t know.

Also, Rayzyrbyrn I will never team up with you again unless it’s in a brownie eating competition. Flaky ass bastard.


Even though I don’t see myself trying to keep up with the game much after MvC3 drops, I’d play in a TvC side tourney at EVO. That’s all dependent on whether I can actually manage to make it though.


I’m down. I’m looking forward to EVO this year.


I’m always down to play TvC, so count me in on that.

As for ReveLAtions, don’t depend on me too much. I’m not going to push for a TvC tourney as a mainstay given how SCR turned out, but for side tourneys I don’t see that as a problem. I need to speak to TL about that stuff around the grand reopening of WNF.