Interest check! TvC side-tournament at EVO 2011

Since it was announced that TvC will not be a part of EVO 2011’s official game lineup, I’ve decided to run a TvC side-tournament for the people who want it. I suggest we run the side-tournament on EVO Saturday (July 30), since most people should be comfortable with the venue by then. I suggest a $10 entry fee for each player so we get a decent-sized prize pot.

I’d only want to do one tournament since the first time I ran a side-tournament in '09 didn’t go entirely as planned (lots of DQs), so I hope this time it’ll go more according to plan.

Please post up if you’re interested so we can get the ball rolling.

I would be interested in playing in a TVC side tournament.

Sweet. By the way, I’m keeping track of players in this thread, in the SRK TvC thread, and in a thread on GameFAQs. Once I get a good number of players, I’ll update the first posts on the related SRK threads.

Count me in for TvC!

carlos told me he hates this game and wants to main mk9 :[

i’d be open to playing in a TvC side-tournament ! Count me in ~ (assuming I’m able to attend ! )

There is a 60% chance I’m going to EVO this year. If I do, I’ll be in this side tournament.

One of my friend thought I was cheating in TvC because I was doing combos (No joke. He actually said that).

1-up for this.

If I can somehow make it to EVO, I Will join this.

I’ll be in it 100%.

you still planning on running this? I am interested.

Unfortunately, I’m still not seeing enough demand to warrant me running anything other than TvC casuals. I’ll be bring a PS1 stick with converters with me in case any casuals go on. Furthermore, I may spend a majority of my time on Street Fighter X Tekken, depending on how I do in the three official games I’m in.

Ok, I’m going to Evo. If there’s no tournament count me in for casuals.