Interest Check: Universal Mounting Plates for Custom built arcade sticks


Hey guys i know you have been seeing alot of me around lately and if you are annoyed I apologize but i just believe that i have some ideas that can help out a community that has helped me greatly. Anyways down to the reason for this thread.

I originally posted these Universal Mounting plates in my panel thread
I got a lot of interest in them so i decided to make an official interest thread for them because it looks like i will be able to produce alot of them at a time and wanted to know if the interest is there from the rest of the community.

Here is what they look like

These universal mounts are 5" x 3.35" as of now.(dimensions may change to make them smaller)
They make mounting joysticks in your custom builds as easy as pie because you will no longer have to route so much into mdf and deal with all of that dust or the headache.
There a couple that will be floating around out there so I will anxiously be awaiting the thoughts on them.

Some pics of the joystick mounted to the plate

Here they are mounted with some spacers but depending on how you decide to mount the mounting plate in your control panel, you dont even have to use spacers.

Here is a back shot of the joysticks. the plate is making them look really small so i have alot of room where i can reduce the size of them.

Please note that that is not an actual seimitsu stick but the mounting plate is using is the same as the seimitsu mounting plate. Also the Fanta is not crooked, it looks that way because of the microswitches.

The price is still be worked on but my goal $13 and $14 and they will include a couple sets of spacers for mounting your joysticks at the correct height.I will be updating this thread with any new info i have for you guys.

If you guys could let me know if this is something that interests you that would be great. I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

The Razer Arcade Stick Thread!
Anyone have a .psd of the Universal Mounting Plate? Link of what I'm talking about inside

Forgive because I’m looking at the picture on a phone. Does this have Happ holes? I’d like something that allowed me to mount an JLF on a metal control panel that mounts Happ sticks (Neo-Geo cab). Thanks in advance.


Yes it does kyle oh and i am glad you posted because i completely forgot to send you my money for the tech talk shirt. These can mount Happs Korean sticks, and all sorts of sanwas and seimitsu sticks.


This is a great idea. I have no direct use for it, but I’m sure a lot of the custom stick builders would be contacting you, because this adds a high degree of flexibility for a low cost.


Yea i have been talking to a lot of big name builders and they are absolutely loving the idea which makes me happy because my goal was to find a way to make things easier on folks. I also wanted to reach the peopl who want to build their own customs but dont have the tools like routers and other expensive tools to make a correct size recess for certain sticks. This way you get the ability to mount many joysticks without all of the hard work.


that is very nice. stick builders will be loving this. good show!!


Hey blklighting, any estimates when these mounting plate will be available?
I am already seeing possible uses for these in my next mod.


Thanks alot kind sir for the support.

Well I am going to guage this interest check for a week or so and then determine how i will order them. It is going to cost me quite a bit up front and so i may do a collection from everyone interested and then get my friend to cut them out for me that way i wont have to dig so deep into my own pockets, hopefully with that i will be able to meet half way or a little less but i am not too sure if i am going to do that or not yet. I want to get these out as soon as possible because i have quite a few people interested and want to get them out to everyone such as yourself who want them.


So how exactly do these work? Sorry if that’s a dumb question lol.


This would indeed make my life that much easier with my upcoming thesis project. Will be mounting four different types of sticks. would also make testing out joysticks configs much easier :slight_smile: If it covers HAPP/SANWA/SEIMITSU/KOREAN then that would fantastic!


It allows you to mount a joystick onto a empty case.


Not a dumb question at all my man. What you do is mount your joystick to the plate rather than having to route a special kind of hole to fit certain joysticks. you can cut a square and mount the mounting plate into the control panel via the 4 screw holes

That is the goal of this project my man and as you can see in the pictures now that there are happ, sanwa, seimitsu mounting plate, and korean sticks moutned.


Added some more pics with joysticks. Keep the comments and pms coming folks. :china:


I have an American NeoGeo arcade cabinet (conversion) with a metal control panel, this looks like exactly what I need to add Seimitsu parts to my CP. I’d be down for two.


Good to know thanks


Damn i might be giving you even more money if i plan to build myself a custom. i would get this or your DIY panel. too many options lol