Interest Check: USB/PSX controller PCBs


I have nearly finished work on a new version of the interface presented here:

The original version supports 13 buttons and a USB interface. The new version has dual USB and Playstation interfaces, and supports 20 buttons.

At the moment I just make prototypes on stripboard for fun, but it would be possible to do pre-made ready-to-go boards. For low volumes I’d do stripboard, but if there is enough interest I’d look at doing PCBs.

Likely cost will be around 10-15 ($20-30) plus shipping for each board. Of course you can often hack a pad for less than that, but this is a cleaner solution and much more robust. I’m also interested in swaps for parts or modable sticks.

I can be emailed at .


man the dollar sucks


I’d be interested in that . . . especially if you release the source.


Source code is coming soon, I just need to clean it up first :wink:


I’m interested, let me know when available.


Well, I don’t think there is enough interest for PCBs but if anyone wants one made on stripboard or just the chip programmed PM me.