Interest Check: used Kraylix cabinet (San Jose, CA)


Hello all, I am saving up for an engagement ring so I thought it’s time to part with my kraylix cabinet. It is painted black and white and has mvc3 artwork

-12x obsn 30mm white
-2x obsn 24mm white
-4x seimitsu clear screw in buttons
-2x sanwa jlf
-2 channel receiver
-2 speakers
-2 wooden stools

Not included:

I will post pictures tonight if there is interest. I am looking to part with it for 500$ or 600$ with the tv. The thing is heavy so you must come haul it away. PM with any questions and I will be happy to answer them.


sending you a PM


May be interested, moving into a bigger place in 30 days and been shopping around for a cabinet. Am in SF. Could you post rough dimensions (or a link to the exact kraylix cab you have) when you get around to posting pics


Images are hosted there. I will try to get the dimensions when I get home from work.


Cabinet is sold. Will add more items in the future


Damn that’s a hell of a deal, i paid more for the paint then that. You should have at least asked $1000 for it.


It’s a great deal, now stop bumping this thread you keep getting me excited.