Interest Check: VSHG and HRAP3

If I could get the following, would anyone buy?

VSHG for $120 shipped
HRAP3 for $125 shipped

If I get enough interest, I’ll start taking orders.

PM or Post.


You might get some interest, I guess it depends on how many people heave PS3’s. I wouldn’t bank on major orders or anything, but you never know.

That’d be why I called the thread ‘Interest Check’. If I was banking on orders, I’d have just put them for sale.


id be interested in a vshg within a couple months :tup:

Do you just have a lot of time on your hands?

On topic:
HRAP 3 in a few months, definitely. I certainly plan on getting one.

^ It’s all fair game.

I would not buy one.


you’d probably have better luck on the zaibatsu and forums since they can use them better.


VSHG…this has caught my attention. I may need more details.


Hmmm… $120 for the HRAP3? I suppose the shipping would cost a fortune from play-asia.

I don’t work for and have never ordered from Play-asia. Seeing as their item is out of stock and mine would be ready for immediate shipping, I don’t see what your purpose is in posting that information here. A web search would yield results for either of these sticks, finding them in stock would be the tricky part.

Based on the majority of the reactions being negative to this point, I’ll probably just stick with selling parts for now.

Just thought I’d check.

Thanks to those who responded.

Any chance you can get me a HRAP 2?

I’m fairly certain I can, let me look into it.

you have a ps3? no its not fair game. crapping will result in infractions.

Nice! Keep me informed.

PM Sent.

I was rationalizing your price vs. play-asia because of the hefty shipping cost from Japan… I wasn’t being negative toward your point, I was actually reinforcing it.

I appreciate the negative ranking though…

Thanks for the reinforcement then.


It wouldn’t have spread if you didn’t mention it, and it isn’t crapping.

Anyways, The PS3 uses USB amirite?

Is it possible to use this for the pc, since I need a stick with more buttons than the DoA4 stick. I might be interested in HRAP.

<3 :lol: