Interest Check: Who would be interested in a new SFIII game?

Not a rebalance of Third Strike, a fourth installment to the Street Fighter III series?

Yay or nay?

I’d love to see another installment of Street Fighter III. Who wouldn’t?

I’d be up for it, but I’d highly appreciate it not coming out till at least 1 year from now. New people need time to adjust to the general 3S engine and Capcom needs time to really refine 3SO so they know what to put in their “feature packed” game. I still can’t believe I was told this game was one of the most feature robust fighting games ever. Not that it’s going to stop me from playing it nearly every night I can, but it would be nice if I wasn’t lied to.

I just want them to fix the bugs, errors, and glitches in this game along with providing a few more of those features so 3SO is actually feature packed. If any new incarnation of SF3 were to flop I don’t want to default back to a buggy game that is then going to be left unsupported. I don’t even care if it’s arcade perfect. I don’t plan on competing with Higa over best Ibuki in the world. I just want the fucking bugs fixed and the features to actually be robust.

EDIT: I would also appreciate the game having it’s subtitle name, like Fight for the Future, to be a reference to some kind of really trashy porn video or something of the kind.

SF3:4th Cumming “Sean’s Backdoor Adventure”


I’m up for more fighting games always, though I’m not fond of the flow of matches in a game with parries.

This is really what Sirlin wants…

At the risk of giving Sirlin any kind of satisfaction at all… That seems pretty cool.

I’d be down for it in a year or two. Gotta readjust to what we have now.

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Sirlin said half ass it and rebalance Third Strike. This is for a new SFIII game like an MvC3 to MvC2.

raises hand

Now the question would be who will work on a new game.


I would be interested, but only if parrying was radically changed or removed. I’m not going to argue its pros and cons, no matter how much you reply/bait me to do so. I AM going to say I do not like the mechanic as is.

that’s like asking for a marvel game without the assist system
parrying is a fundamental part of the SF3 engine

Chill chill. Let’s take it easy here. Changes can be made to parrying to change properties, though, I couldn’t imagine them being removed entirely.

Let’s just stick with interest checking.


Only way I’d be happy about a new SF3 is if the original development team was making it.


I’d try it out though if it came to be.

I would be but parry needs to not change at all.


I do I do!


I’ve been wanting this or a “Hyper SF3” with different versions of the characters selectable, like being able to select 2I Ryu Vs SF3NG Dudley and stuff like that.