Interest Check - Willing to buy top metal panels for TE sticks?

Hello Community,

Are you guys interested in top metal panels for TE sticks?

Not just replacement panels using the current button layout, but top metal panels + artwork with different layouts. For example: Astro City, 6 button, True 7 Vewlix, etc.

Let me know your thoughts. Also what is the right price point (think realistically here).

Is $30 good?

With as many TE’s I have seen out there (and I’m 100% you have seen even more!) I dont see how you cant profit from this. I would be interested in this for sure. A lot of players use plexi tho and that might be a problem at the start…

I think you guys should consider Mortal Kombat Layouts as well. I would love a 6 button Astro city. Perhaps L1 and L2 could be placed in the upper right hand corner with 18mm buttons, but perhaps it would be preferable to have the top panel clean and drill into the Side panel. I agree with blind, Art has this covered.

I would rather see TE sides in different colors.

You know, if it was ok with the Husser brothers, I’m sure Hitbox layouts would be very successful.

^ This too.

How about a metal panel that fits American parts and goes along with a tall bezel that raises the height of the case and gives it enough clearance inside to fit the American parts? It might look hella awkward though.

I dont think theres enough clearance still with that for american parts =[. it would look awkward agreed.

You should talk to that JohnGrimm guy and partner up for some HitBox metal panels too.

I would love to have an astro city metal panel for my 2 TE’s. I would also like the option of having a start button in the upper right corner of the metal panel as well. I’m so sick of the vewlix layout right now. For the record, I HATE PLEXI!!. Combo this panel with a gameongraphics poly overlay and it will look like a factory finish. I would buy 2 at $30 each. I am currently trying to use metal filler on my current TE panels to turn it into a 6 button panel. It will require a lot of effort but at the end I still have a vewlix layout. Make this happen MARKMAN. Thanks!!

yeah… its exactly what blind said, american parts generally dont fit NOT because of the top panel itself, its the entire case which is not tall enough… changing a top panel would not alleviate this issue at al

Pretty sure madcatz doesnt need to ask JohnGrimm and them to use their layout as i’m sure they don’t and probably can’t own rights to a button layout.

i like this. i have already ordered a plexi from art but i’d buy a metal one. one question. would alternate button layouts be offered?

Chiming in on the American parts…

The plastic interior, where the 8 holes under the buttons are, You would have to cut away at the stick interior somehow to get the happs in there with micro switches. Then there is the matter of having to hack the joystick harness. Also look at the Turbo Panel. How would that work with a Bezel raised 2-3 inches?

For Madcatz it is not practical to sell such a thing when it requires such heavy modding. The TE just isn’t suitable for it, even after heavy modding.

Simply put, a new panel and raised bezel won’t solve the problem, you need to replace the case as well.

Edit: Here is how such a Monstrosity might look if you raised it enough to not hack the case.

Not to derail the specifics of this post with just the question of the panel/layout, but how about replacement EVERYTHING for the TE? Parts for everything, from the control panel with different colors (why does the Chun stick have a white control panel not blue?), to even pcb purchase with disclaimers. With how many TEs (and even SEs) out there, there are bound to be part failures and/or people wanting replacement parts in general. On a personal note, I’ve grown tired of my R1 TE artwork (too much red), and I would love to replace it with the darker R2 black theme. Official replacement artwork with pre-adhesive ready top would be nice…

Edit: $30 is reasonable. $10 for just artwork replacement :slight_smile:

Thats why I said that it should come with a tall plastic bezel which I should clarify would increase the height between the the metal panel and the case itself to give it enough clearance.

I’m not saying that Mad Catz should really try this, I just felt like throwing the idea out there.

Yeah, having to use .187 QDs for the joystick and the buttons is already more modding than one would want to have to do.

I would definitely be interested if we could get the artwork from the original Vewlix (F or L) cabs put on there. Would that be possible or would we still have to get someone like Gamongrafix to do that? If so, 30 dollars is a great price.

Most definitely interested, especially in the different layouts. And $30 is a very fair price.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Let’s try to stay focused on the topic matter.

I think $30 is fair too.

I am aware about the modding community and how people use plexiglass. So these points are taken into consideration.

I don’t know if people know/think or whatever, but I’m NOT just a guy that works at Mad Catz, I’ve been part of the heart/soul of Tech Talk since it started, so my heart is very much focused on the fighting game community and this small sect of the community.

2011 is going to be a great year. :slight_smile:

Make it a Hit Box layout (while paying royalties to the guys who developed it) and I’m down.

I’m definitely interested in different layouts. :smiley:

I’m interested in this. Thanks for the opportunity, MarkMan.