Interest Check: WTS BB LE Discs

just wanted to see if anyone cared to want to buy Blaz Blue LE discs (2 Soundtrack+1 BluRay for combos and character strats)

I would sell for 6$ shipped OBO paypal lower 48 states.

Ill buy it if you ship to Canada lol

Just the discs or the discs and the case? If it’s the latter, I’d definitely take them!

Hey, Esjihn, I can’t PM you back since your Inbox is full, but shoot me a PM with payment info and I’ll get you your money ASAP. :tup:

Damn if anyone falls thru I can send the PM within 3 minutes notice.
I hope someone ends up being a deadbeat so I can get these
Shoot me a PM if thats the case

Sorry RemzRR, I’ve already claimed this for myself. :razz: