Interest Check/WTS: Let's Go Justin T-Shirts

Hi Everyone! :chat:

I wanted to celebrate my SIX whole months of being an official SRK member to officially debut my Let’s Go Justin T-Shirts in Trading Outlet. Sorry if I couldn’t sell to you guys earlier but rules are rules :china:

Anyways, perhaps you’ve seen them before on this thread:

Or maybe at EVO - Me n’ Justin

Or even ON Justin - Photos from Famitsu Interview with Justin

But yes, they are finally on their way :slight_smile: Please note there might be a slight modification to the design that will certainly add a lil’ somethin’ :slight_smile:

BUT FIRST! I need YOUR feedback :slight_smile: To help make these shirts an outstanding value for everyone, please reply with your interest of purchase and relative shirt size.

Thanks for all the kind words and for your attention! Updates will be posted shortly. Check out the obligatory shirt blog:

But most of all REMEMBER:
It’s about the “Let’s Go Justin!!” moments that you learn from and get better!!

P.S.: Any of you in the T-Shirt manufacturing business feel free to PM me if you want to do some further collabs or wants to help/advise in the production!

I would buy one in XXL. Been waiting for these to come out. :slight_smile:

I would cop a large

I’ll take a medium please.

i’d buy a large

Depending on the price, I’d pick up a XXL.

Medium for me.

Small, babeh.

I would like to purchase an XXL. Thanks and good luck on these! :tup:

medium for me :slight_smile: