Interest Check- WTS modded Hori FS3


Once i get the parts in acouple of weeks ill be modding a FS3 with a JLF, 6 Sanwa buttons, 2 button hole plugs and adding a ps pcb so it can be used with ps2 and ps3 without an adapter.
Looking for $155+shipping.
In case your wondering why im selling it right after i put brand new parts. Its because i enjoy modding sticks and do it for the fun of it. If i dont have any takers ill just give it to my bro for his bday in May.

Edit- If someone would rather me put in a 360pcb itll be $35 bucks extra since ill have to use the madcatz wired controller. (not the retro stick since the pcb is way too big for this case)


Square or octagon gate? My wife might kill me but if you’re just looking for an interest check, I’m at least interested :smiley:


Is there any way you can do both 360 and PS3? The price increasing because of this is obvious, so I’m just checking if you’ll offer that service.

Thanks in advance :tup:


I’ll buy it if you can put the 360 pcb in and make the button assignments like the MadCatz TE Stick.
How much would it be for a dual pcb including psx/360? I will still buy it if you can’t do the dual pcb.


Ann- Its gonna have the square gate since thats what comes stock, and the parts have already been shipped. LOL i know what you mean about the wife thing.

Banana-The $35 extra would be cost of me putting in a 360 pcb instead of the psx pcb. So it would be ps3/360 ready

Mist- Im not too familiar with 360 button config but yes i can do it. So you would want 360/psx, not ps3? It will be the same cost of $35 extra since i have to buy and hack a 360 pad also.


Yes, a 360/PSX is what I want. I will buy it with the $35 increase.


$190.00 + shipping for a PS3/360 dual modded FS3 with Sanwa parts is a pretty darn great deal. (Especially in this joystick craze)

Someone should pick this up if they need a dual modded joystick.

Good luck with the sale OP.



Jeenyus- Thanks, yeah I think its a fair price. Ill probably be putting out a few more modded sticks in the near future.


Thanks again, AJtheMishima.
Out of curiosity, what will the final product look like in terms of art(if any) and color?


Im using dark hai sanwa buttons and jlf. So itll look close to stock. If you want to change artwork in the future the dark hai will go along with alot of color schemes. I dont want to mess with the artwork because its hit or miss. Dont want to send you something that has airbubbles or anything.

Also, if anyone is interested i can mod your existing stick with arcade parts…


That sounds fine to me.

I’m also interested in your T5 modding service, but I’ll have to wait until I get more money for that after I get your FS3.


ok bro. sounds good