Interest Check- WTS modded Hori Wii Fight stick

Last time i modded a fs3 with sanwa parts and dual modded it with a ps/360 pcb for mistcore and he was happy with it.
I plan to do the same with a Hori Wii fight stick case. If anyone is interested in getting a modded stick like this let me know what pcbs/arcade parts you want. Will range in the low to mid $200 range depending on what is involved. First come first serve. Thanks

What if we provided parts? Like if I sent you the Wii Hori Stick itself, the buttons, stick, and PCB to put in it? I ask because I have everything I need to do it just no time to actually put it all together :lol:

I’m interested… for ps3 =)

kooper- I actually started off by doing mods for people. Whenever I dont have too many mods lined up ill randomly put out a stick like this.
Heres my original post…

Dreamflux- I happen to have a ps3 pcb laying around from the fs3 dual mod i did. It can be done. LMK whats up

cool… i’ll send you a msg shortly!

pms/emails answered

AJ, you happen to have any other ps3 pcb that you might sell.? thanks.

sorry, nope. Probably will get some in the near future