Interest Check WTS/WTT

Hi Guys,
Been doing some spring cleaning and I found my Sega Saturn. I ordered it from this link
Buy Sega Saturn - Sega Saturn Modified Japanese White Switchless Console Loose For Sale

$125 +shipping.

Its only been used a few times before I had to put it in the closet for safe keeping.
With shipping and all it came out to around the neighborhood of $220 or something. Don’t really have the time for it anymore or the space. If anybody is interested let me know. Make an offer.

Adult owned, non smoking house. Also a new battery was added to it upon purchase.
I also have some extra controllers to add to it + a 4 MB ram cart and some (extras PM for info bout the extras).

Also up for sale is the well known, Sega Dreamcast Agetec stick modded with Sanwa parts,with a nice beat up box.
$60 + shipping

I also have a second Agetec (UNFINISHED) Modded with Sanwa Buttons and a Seimitsu stick. The the only thing left to do is to wire up the stick, I got kinda frustrated at this so into the closet it went.

$60 + shipping

Hori Fighting Stick PS kinda old

$25 + shipping

Xbox first gen S-type controllers ($5 bucks each)

Sega Blast City 2 player Control Panel used (ripped from a non working cab)
also an
Astro City 2 player custom cut panel used (ripped from a non working cab as well)

Please no low ballers. Let me know if there is an interest for this sort of thing.

EDIT: Only rules that would apply is to just be reasonable with the offers you are making, and to consider the shipping from CA to where ever you are located.
Aside from that just make some offers through PM.


Bump, added pics along with new items.

How much for the dreamcast sticks?

make a PM offer.

just dont lowball, consider the parts in em.

Rules, Prices.

Rules posted, no prices as I dont really know what would be reasonable for them.

If anybody wants to PM, with some recommendations on the pricing please do.


Just post up the prices… Rules…

Added Prices.