INTEREST CHECK: Xim360/XIM2 adapter - (360) Wireless Headset - Samsung LCD Monitor

Interest check: Xim 360 also known as Xim2. This is by far the best keyboard and mouse adapter for the 360. Comes with a pre-modded wired controller so you’re good to go and just need the software on your pc. You can also use macros with this to get rapid fire and the like on your games like MW2. Don’t know what to sell this for and they range from 200+ on ebay so I want to see if anyone is interested and we can work something out. NOT trying to get 200 just making a statement. :sweat: I can take trades with cash on this as well.
$175 shipped? SOLD to jeenyus1

I’m also looking to get rid of my 19" samsung 943bx monitor since I got a bigger one. I did a lag test against the Asus VH236H and it was identical, at times even faster than the Asus!? No dead pixels or anything like that. I don’t know how much they go for now and after a quick search they’re coming up as $300 new so I’ll put it at $220 and will just take offers since I don’t really care.

Have a Xbox 360 wireless headset. Comes with usb charger cable and has had very little use. Asking $25 shipped.


pics i have a 16gb iphone but id still like to see da pics

I’ll post up some in a bit but to let you know I’m not interested in trading for a similar product. Kinda defeats me trying to get rid of it, you know. lol

na i wouldnt trade my iphone for a itouch either its like going backwards lol

Fuck that, I’d never trade my itouch for an iphone.

pics up. It’s hard to take a good picture of this, :lol:, like trying to take a picture of a mirror. Let me know if there’s anything else.

Oh yea, I didn’t take a picture of it but it comes with the usb sync cable as well.

i wouldnt say that there the same exact thing if u didnt use the phone aspect u have all the same features but the touch is thinner but if i am wrong let me know i wouldnt mind knowing if there is differences that i dont know about

what u looking for trades.

electronics, games, just let me know what you have and if I see something, we can work something out.

i have ps2 to ps3 converters, ps3 games, ps2, ps1. Xbox 360 items like hdmi-cables, etc, wii games and acessisories.

Electronics if u name anything u want i may have it.

u don’t have like a list or something? that’d be great or a link to your sale thread if you have one.

I’ve been told that the itouch has a better processor but honestly, I doubt I could tell the difference. My opinion is purely based on my gaming habits :stuck_out_tongue: Phone + gaming on the same device means I have a 2 hour battery life!

And sorry for derailing your thread mcginis.

true dat

also pm’d u some stuff mcginnis

I don’t have a previous model so I can’t say it’s worlds faster or anything. I did see my brother play some games on it just now like CODWAW and I was surprised how well it ran the game.

I’ll pm you in a bit ibeatu. Just got my new monitor in and have been messing with it.


replied and still for sale

I have ALOT of gamestop credit. You interested? I also have that arcade stick Champion Edition box with the coin slot. I don’t know if you saw it. I had it in the custom stick thread. I am keeping the pcb’s and just leaving the happ parts with the box.

Hey I have 2 joysticks

HRAP SE with all sanwa parts for Xbox 360
Hori Wireless Joystick Tekken 6 edition

Both have been slightly used. If you are interested PM me :slight_smile:

Guess I should say this now but, I’m not really interested in any joysticks ATM. Mostly other electronics and games for 360, so let me know if you have any of those. Thanks

What you looking for in trades?