Interest Check.

A friend and myself are looking into selling Empty Boxes for $100USD shipped, if interest exists.

Wood boxes, built for lap height. 6 or 8 button layout, Sanwa/Seimetsu compatible. Painted in a color of your choice, with an acryllic/lexan plate over the top for custom art.

I can have a prototype ready soon if there’s enough demand.

For $100 they would have to be pretty damn good! Other sellers like Norris arcade sticks sells ultra high quality painted with hardware for $105. We would really need to see pics to give you an answer.

They don’t sell them with hardware. You’re mistaken, sorry.

On top of that, good luck finding a Norris stick right now, as they tend to sell out right as they get them.

I’m not saying I can’t compete with Noris, but I have no reason to. I’m going for a basic, mass produced box that you can slap the most common arcade parts and the like into.

What do you mean by hardware then? They come with the rubber feet and bolts/nuts to mount the stick.

he probably means with a stick and buttons… and norris is going to do that soon. i would expect the price to be 200-250$

Oh, well of course ours would have those. By an empty box I mean something ready to transplant the basic guts of the stick as well as the actual joystick and buttons.

edit: Plus, Norris’s prices don’t include shipping. Ours does. If you added shipping to the original DIY, then you’d see the prices are much more comparable.

show some pics so people can see and gauge the interest. Price dont matter if the product is great on top of that,readily available.

Yeah, I’ll have a prototype ready within the next 3 weeks. I’ve gotta talk with some poeple, including my business partner about using a garage to build lots of boxes.

sounds good bro, good luck on your venture.

Like wise, good luck, and don’t spread yourself to thin, otherwise welcome to the community of building, your in for one hell of a ride, but you should be fine :slight_smile:

norris cases are like 70 shipped…

IIRC, Norris Cases for $60 are not painted. They are Poplar however – so it would really be based on material/size/finish of this case vs. Norris.

I would imagine you could find more interest if you offered a cheaper unpainted variety as I think the demand for those would be much higher and the amount of work on your part would be much lower (no waiting for primer to cure, then painting several coats, then adding layers or clear coat).

Where are you shipping these from? IL? I ask because you have a friend involved as well, so…

Norris sticks come with :
.093 Acrylic Glass Top Panel Overlay
.220 Acrylic Glass Bottom Panel
o Black No-Slip Round Rubber Feet (1 round x tall)
o Top Panel Mounting Hardware (4 5/8 Screws)
o Joystick Mounting Hardware (4 sets of Screws, Washers, Lock Washers & Nuts)

Completely finished painted boxes for $105.

Just an example as there are many stick / box builders out there.

If your quality is up to par and price/availability is right then they will sell.

  1. Plus shipping.

Yeah, we’d be shipping these out of IL.

As for not painting, I hadn’t even thought of that. Pretty solid idea.

Anyway, got the okay for the garage for lots o’ boxes, got the tools, just run into some other issues right now that I’m going to have to smooth over. It may have to wait until next paycheck.

No biggie.