Interest in 24mm silent Sanwa buttons?


Just curious if this is something people would be interested in. I was thinking this might be something nice for the hitbox community.
The cost would be about the same as our 30mm button foam, 0.40 ea 1-7, 0.35 ea 8- infinity, 0.30 ea with our buttons.


are they on ur website now?


yes this would be awesome!


not yet, we are doing the testing in the 30’s to determine which thickness of foam then they will post


Definitely, since I want to make a micro-arcade stick with a Link and an optical stick to play shumps and some 3rd strike with a laptop or an android device.

I gotta say I have no idea how those sanwa noise reduction buttons work, did they just add foam or is there something else?
Do your foam work with any buttons? (What makes less noise in the 24mm department? Sanwa?Seimitsu?)