Interest In Custom Sticks?

Hey people, my handle is Wekk and I have an odd question. Basically, I have made a few custom sticks from scratch for myself and friends of mine, and was wondering if the fighting game community as a whole had an interest in custom sticks being made for them? I noticed Byrdo’s sticks generally went for $200-$700 and were sold out the moment he put them up (granted Byrdo seems to have the highest of the high quality) But he doesn’t seem to make any new ones anymore to my knowledge.

 So while I don't have pictures currently (am working on getting a camera soon) to showcase some of my works, do you guys feel like there are enough people out there willing to pay for high quality custom made sticks?  I ask because I am considering getting some better equipment for making them over the summer, but would prefer if I knew there was a general interest in it. 

I apologize for the lack of reference pictures currently, I am working on that. Also mods sorry if this is out of place or could have been placed in an existing thread, but I couldn’t find a thread that was really suitable for this question. If I do end up doing this for the summer, I can simply edit this out and make it my stick postings thread.

Thanks for your time.


I think you should just sell pre-made sticks. That way you set the pace and keep doing what you love, instead of getting the money first and make 99 explanations every day as to why you can’t work on their stick even though they paid like months ago.

Buuut I don’t build sticks so don’t take it from me.

I say go for it Wekk. There seems to be a demand for custom sticks. I’ve seen the frustration from people waiting on openings from many of the custom builders around here.

Good Luck.

There is very high interest in custom sticks, especially since recently a lot of stickmakers have been going MIA. Just make sure if you really want to go through with this and take orders and whatnot that you have the time to devote to it. Too many people have seemingly been hustled out of their money.

Yeah, a good practice at first is to ask for the cost of the parts money up front, then the rest when it’s done. That way you protect yourself a bit from a custom vanishing, and makes the customer a little more easy about the transaction.

Just an idea. Be prepared though, and always give people and good estimate on when you think it will be done. It’s better to say it will take 6 weeks and get it done in 3 than the other way around.

Building sticks is an effort and time consuming too. I guess that’s a big factor in many stick builders going mia and/or simply moving on finding their time is more valuable elsewhere.

Thanks for the support guys, I was a bit skeptical at first but if there is a demand I can definitely see myself doing that this summer, and for centennial, I am not sure exactly what I was going to do yet. I figured it’s a lot easier to sell sticks when people tell me directly what they want versus hoping the ones I made suit any random person.

In any case, I am definitely looking into this now, thanks for the support!