Interest/Inquiry Thread - Arcade Parts Seller in Canada


Not sure if I’m just horribly out of the loop of Canadian arcade parts stores but…

There are no good Canadian arcade parts vendors. Sure, there’s The Playdium Store (Starburst in disguise) but they carry mostly American made parts. The only Japanese parts they carry are the OBSF-24s, 30s (in limited colours) and JLFs. Shipping is pretty decent but pricing and selection is pretty weak compared to online shops.

I’m not to saying that shops like Lizard Lick or ModchipMan aren’t quality shops but we can’t exactly buy anything without being reamed for shipping, in both price and delivery time.

Are there any good Canadian stores that I simply haven’t heard about? I’ve always had to buy parts from the States or Japan since Canada just lacks options.

If there aren’t any good Canadian stores, is there an interest for one? I was wondering how viable a Canadian frontend for Japanese arcade parts would be. Unless everyone is already accustomed to buying from American and Japanese stores, I assume there’s a pretty good demand for a Canadian retailer.

Just hit this thread up with thoughts and ideas. I’m curious to know how and how easily other Canadians get their stuff.


i got parts from infamouskid once, he was the only “supplier” (group buy from akihabara, guess it doesnt count). best bet is to go w/ playdium store if they have what you need, it arrives at your doorstep within a week and a half in most cases.

with us suppliers, i bought from nareg and my parts took 3-4 weeks to arrive. right now im dealing w/ modchipman and it still hasnt shipped yet, huge backorder of seimitsu parts. ill update on how long the shipping time is when its out his door and in my hands


my last order from (nareg) took only 1.5 weeks to arrive. he has items on hand and ships fast, so the wait time is just actual shipping with First-Class Mail which usually goes for 2-3 weeks from my experience.


Man, I was hoping someone would know about a Canadian shop that I didn’t know about.

So, is the fastest shipper? Last I remember, Nareg only offers First-Class International, making the cheapest shipping at least $10 USD.


I’m not sure whether they’ll ship parts, but if you’re in Toronto (Scarborough especially) it’s nice to be able to get them directly without the wait. Yeah, $5 a button may seem a bit high, but it beats paying shipping from the U.S and the wait some of the distributors put on orders. Their sticks aren’t too shabby, either.


that’s interesting, never heard of them but they’re really close. i might stop by sometime when im in the area. thx


well if you live only in scarborough i know a guy who has a video game store and works in some random chinese mall called Dragon Centre(somewhere near midland ave & sheppard ave) and he will order parts for you. i asked him about sanwa buttons and he charges $3 for per button. i dont know how much for joysticks because i never asked but he also makes custom art for your and stuff.
im not sure how long it will take for him to get the parts though hope this helps someone


I visit Toronto very frequently and I can get to Scarborough pretty easily. Where is this shop?

$3 CAD for Sanwa buttons sound amazing. How long does a shipment cost? Do you know if he will order Seimitsu stuff too?

#9 is located at midland and sheppard, inside Dragon Center. most likely starmine92’s guy and is the same ppl