Interest/Price Check on Plexi Customs


I’ve been seriously considering making myself a plexiglass stick, thing is, I’ll have leftover material, and I’m wondering if it would be worth it to either make DIY cases or full sticks to sell on here.

As noted, plexiglass is durable, but it’s not metal or wood, so you couldn’t really expect a stick that you could throw at the wall, but you could expect a stick that could take the abuse from normal wear and tear.

A few things about my design vs. Art or Bencao’s acrylic cases:

I do not have the cutting/machining tools they seem to have access to, so you can expect a much simpler, but still classy, design.

Art’s sticks are made with modders in mind, while mine would be limited to certain customization options:

Swapping Art, buttons, and possibly sticks.

As far as full sticks go:

Stick Dimensions would be 11-1/2x8-1/2x2-3/4 in.
Planning on doing single console, but would be willing to dual mod, if the price is right.
Seimitsu or Sanwa buttons, and for now, only Sanwa sticks :(.

DIY sticks would be competitively priced with art’s, but come assembled…

I know what it will cost to make these things, and the time and it’s going to take to make them, so before I even consider selling anything I need to know:

What would you pay for a good quality full plexi stick including all parts, wiring done, and artwork?

All in theory, so far, I’m making at least mine no matter what, and I’ll post back with pics and more info so I could get a better idea of the amount of interest in such an item.


I think pictures would definitely generate some buzz… arcade sticks are usually about the aesthetics nowadays (since functionality has been worked out), so show us something awesome and then you’ll sell. :smiley: