*INTEREST THREAD* regarding one of the most famous pioneers of SF?

this is just an interest thread to see if people would like to meet with “only the best SF player to ever walk this earth” MR TOMO OHIRA. some of you youngsters might be too young to ever hear this name, but for those of you who have, the man is a legend of legends. you go to an arcade during the early days of SF and hear whispers about him, go to the laundry mats and wondering if you might be lucky enough to challenge him, visiting 7-11 stores all around town in hopes of seeing the ever so famous god of SF, then your day has finally come. you step up to a SF machine and put in your .25c thinking your hot and poof… you get owned. then you go home and tell stories of tomo, spreading word of OMG THIS GUY IS UNBEATABLE! your friends spread the word to their friends and before you know it… hes gone :frowning: but now we have a thing called youtube and many of you guys have seen his capcom made video about SF techniques and secrets! (of course we know you watched this just to see the gijoe SF play action figures, but lets pretend it was to see tomo)

anyways, cutting to the chase, i have spoken to tomo recently and asked if he would like to come visit EVOLUTION 2K9. he then replied, why? i told him he has a ton of fans and people that have a ton of questions for him and also people who want to play him. i can guarantee this guy has not touched SF for many many many years, but can hand you a butt whoopin if you are not a top player. anyways, just wanted to start this thread and see whos interested in maybe greeting the man who got everyone started and was a main reason that SF has a tournament scene that is still alive and kicking.

(please dont be a jackass and post negative comments because we all know ip’s are easy to find and its not fun being brave behind a keyboard then having someone confront you and you making a mess in your pants)

thoughts? ideas? hopefully with enough positive feedback he will be nice enough to come out and take questions, etc. and finally have some closure in the world of street fighters!

p.s. tomo, if you are reading this, i know you still wanna play bud :slight_smile: maybe this might get you back into it haha.


And I’m sure tons of SRK members here are… Remember that whole thread dedicated to him!?

Good shit watts…

Thats an awesome idea, we gotta play that awesome sf strat video at evo too. :slight_smile:

do it dood

[media=youtube]pUcgofXSSkM"[/media] of Tomo Ohira introducing a segment of the SFII Hyper Strategy movie.

[media=youtube]6OEXzKk5gkQ"[/media] where Tomo talks about SFII Hyper Fighting tips to the whitest person I’ve ever seen.

Here are the full videos to the guide that the above links are from:[media=youtube]1afIqXKYp6c"]1, 2, 3, 4, and [URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpN2X-4tulE”[/media].

Tomo Ohira is basically to Hyper Fighting what Michael Phelps is to Olympic Swimming…but without the pot.

This sounds like a fantastic idea. I remember seeing Tomo’s work years ago (before youtube!) and the man is just uncanny.

<---- Needs more old school ass whoopings :slight_smile:

He won like 100 tournaments and got 2nd and in only two tournaments at the peak of super street fighter II fighting scene if i recalled correctly… pretty godly.

Add another vote of interest.

This is an awesome idea i would love to get to meet tomo and ask him some questions my self and of course get some games in. Tomo Even though im a youngster still trying to be next Tomo of my time i just want to thank you for putting street fighter where it is today :P!!!

Hope To See ya at Evo2k9!!! and you too watts!!

Jesus !

I remember hearing things about a guy named Tomo back in my arcade and I used to think
"that guy ain’t real" lol . I doubt I’ll ever make it to an EVO but I would love to read about what it was like and what he had to say. Please communicate this to the man sir.

Watts: You gotta make this happen! To us it will be like meeting Michael Jordan, but better. I’m sure many will have questions for him. Mostly like, does he still play and where did he go.

Also it would be a good opportunity to interview him (Keits).

Oh shit, Maaaad Hype!

Someone get in touch with Kuni and Schaefer.

World’s Finest crew @ Evo2K9, fuckers.

Well it’s good to know he didn’t vanish from our world…gots my interest as well.

nice response so far guys. i think if this does go down (no promises) im gonna get a list of questions and do an interview of him myself :slight_smile: sorry keits. might be fun to bring any magazines or anything you guys might have of him just to make him feel like a celeb for a day too HAHA. im starting to feel like im 15 again when i first met him.

That would be fantastic! The man probably could make a killing doing “beat the champ” matches in SF2!

I’m old enough to have actually had that “Tomo teaches” tape on VHS, so you know I’m down for this. :wgrin:

I wonder if you could talk him into doing some kind of exhibition match on the big screen. Maybe him vs one or several of today’s greats? Tomo vs Valle/Wong/Choi/Daigo. I dunno, Something like that. As much as I’m not a fan of the game, maybe use AE so he can pick old school characters vs everyone’s “new” ST characters. Or hell, if someone could get a HF cab out there, that’d work too.

Anyway, just some ideas. No matter how it goes down, getting Tomo to come out for SF’s 20th anniversary would be cool :tup:

Tomo is da shitz. There’s no real reason for anyone to hate on him, is there? Blast from the past! If this post doesn’t get you hype, maybe this video will!


Just being able to see him play would another awesome reason to go to evo.

Watson: What are the chance of maybe Tomo with a few minutes on a Hyper Fighting setup?