*INTEREST THREAD* regarding one of the most famous pioneers of SF?

I’d love to see him there.

And I love the idea of using AE and having an exhibition match. That would be epic.

+1 for interest. Watts - tell him he could make a killing in money matches, just setup a booth with HF, something cheap like $5-10 a pop to play Tomo, bet it would draw a decent crowd and he could probably make out pretty good.

It would be a tragedy if, on the year of SF’s rebirth, that one of the greatest were to NOT show up to our big dance.

I would like to see this happen. How often does a legend, after being gone for years (15 years) come back like this? I’m sure most people would like for him to at least make an appearance, and those that don’t either don’t care about SF2, or are just haters.

I think a problem though, is from what I read, Tomo only played WW through HF, some SSF2, and maybe one ST tournament before he quit. I’m not sure if he’s playing HDR, but I doubt he is, which means we won’t be seeing him in any official tournaments. I’d rather see an HF exhibition (anyone that wants to challenge Tomo, can line up, also have Tomo and Mike Watson do a first to 5, since HF games run quickly), than an AE exhibition. AE has problems, and I don’t think Tomo is too familiar with some of the ST changes, and HF is a better game; but Tomo is a legend, meaning he probably adapts really quick.

i just wanna let you guys know its great to hear there is interest in this. havent seen anyone talk bad about the guy cause hey… whats bad about him? dude was a beast, undisputed, and a helluva nice guy. gonna direct him to this thread but hes a really busy dude with work and all. thanks again for all the great responses and lets keep em coming!

Is he going to be handing out autographed 8 x 10 glossies?

Haha, chalk another one up to interest.


It’ll be great if an OG came to Evo and showed the SF4/new people how old school games are played. I’m sure you can get evo staff to bring attention to this if he chooses to show up. Good luck + 1

It would be an honor to meet him and maybe play a few games on HD remix or HF. Also I heard a lot about how good Tomo was with Guile from Jeff Schaefer and Gearld Abraham as well.

Btw: It would be nice see a friendly exibition between Tomo(Guile or Ryu) vs Daigo(Ryu). Nothing like Apollo creed vs Ivan Drago or anything.

would be awesome if he attended, especially if there was a HF setup around :slight_smile:

i’m curious, was tomo considered the best in all of the old sf games or just a particular 1? how often did he practice then and usually, top players always have a “rival” that could go toe to toe or was almost on par. who was tomo’s rival from socal?

who was considered best in the following back then?
sf2:ww (it’s understood though that since mirror matches weren’t possible, agreement on “the best” could be difficult for this)
ssf2t (prior to internet community)

it would be good to see him enter the hd remix tournament (i mean, why not? he might as well since he’s there… and i recall awhile back that thomas osaki entered 1 of the st tourneys even though he hadn’t played in quite awhile).

Back in the day I never heard of Tomo but definitely heard from other people that there was stuff going down at UTC’s Yellowbrick Road.

I would punch people in the guts just to see Tomo at Evo.

Bonus points to anyone who can get The Mullet Lord to come to Evo

NEEDS to happen.


Lol, now the question is what are you planing to do if they try to hit you back after hit someone in the gut. hehe.

Yeah that dude with Mullet looks kindda like Thomas Osaki. Speaking of the dude I asked him at evo 2k2 if he ever beat Tomo, and his eyes got big with amazement and said"noooo, that guy was really good".

I’m voting yes and I probably won’t even be at Evo! :frowning: Still, a legend needs to be recognized, so if y’all get a chance to meet him, I’m glad I voted. :slight_smile:

I’ll be waiting to read that interview, though! :slight_smile:

What about making it some kind of special recognition event where he can be presented with a plaque or some kind of recognition representing the respect everyone still has for him so he can have a momento to remember his arcade legacy days ? Maybe that might intice him a little more to show up ? Anyways, just tossing ideas around.

Enticement or not…that’s an excellent idea! He’s more than deserving.

That’s way too cool. He should definitely come so he can see how much respect and esteem we hold him in, and so we can see… him! :rofl:

although I most likely wont be going to evo I am definitely interested in seeing/reading an interview with him.


We need a HF cabinet.

Tomo invitational, on the big screen.

Watson vs Tomo

Schaffer vs Tomo

Cole vs Tomo

Daigo vs Tomo

Valle vs Tomo

Let’s make it happen.