Interested in acquiring a USF4 TE2

Hello everyone I’m new to the site, and was wondering how low would anyone let go of a USF4 TE2 for? I have $150 in mind but I’m not sure if that is too low or not.

You can get a regular te2 for 150 if you’re lucky. Just change it art after.

I’m sure you can, but i’m looking for the ps4 version which I can’t seem to find for a decent price. =/

Damn, that is one pricey stick. This is the best I could find, if you are willing to go through the process to buy it from another forum.

o.O oh thanks for the link going to try and negotiate with him.

well not getting a response from that poster, at this point i’d be interested in buying a ps4 TE2 for $165 if anyone is willing to sell one.

Will this work?

Oh wasn’t aware of that promo code from newegg… well I was avoiding the Chunners TE2 since i didn’t feel like switching the buttons and balltop for colors i want, but for 46 dollars off … anyways thank you for the info Bunta :stuck_out_tongue: