Interested in buying a hori

But I dont know what to get. Are there different versions? If I need to upgrade, what do I buy?

I searched hori but didnt see anything related to what im looking for.

Nevermind. I just found out how big the hori real arcade pro stick is. That’s obviously not something I can put on my lap. Ill have to pass on it.

you can easily put that on your lap.

Really? It looks huge and heavy. Would that get uncomfortable after a while?

Let me ask this too, how long is cord for it?

You wouldn’t want anything light in your lap. With no surface for feet to grip the weight is the only thing keeping is stable.

For a smaller stick that is also good, check the Street Figher IV Fightstick by MadCatz.

Yeah I was just thinking about that. So any idea how long the cord is?

If you’re a beginner (like me) a Hori EX2 is a nice cheap (at least in Europe) choise, and you can mod if later if so you want.

I want one compatible with the PS3, not the 360. I dont think there’s an EX for the PS3.

Yeah there is, its called the fighting stick 3

I need to find out how long that cord is. Im searching everywhere.

Also, does anyone know if I need to upgrade the buttons to Sanwa’s? If so where’s the best place to get them?

You don’t “need” to upgrade, but it sure does help. Theres a stick on top called essential joystick thread. If you would have checked that, the thread would have referred you to or to buy your sanwa buttons.

The HRAP fits comfortably on my lap. Doesn’t get uncomfortable or anything.