Interested in buying a sanwa stick locally (Toronto)

Any ideas where abouts in Toronto I could get one? Missasauga perhaps? I don’t know. :<
Looking for sanwa in particular since I hear they are the best for upgrades later on. How much would it cost to buy?

Also one more question not related to this, but I used to be a member on the ‘old’ forums (I know these new forums are hardly new anymore) is there any way to get that account back or what. I see people with their old accounts why can’t I have mine?

Firstly, this belongs in the trading outlet. Title it WTB: Sanwa arcade stick or something and secondly I think you’ve forgot your username and password because you old account probably still exists.

Why does this belong in the trading section? I’m not looking to buy used or from someone random, I’m looking to buy from a vendor.

And no, my old username was D2Girls. I have no idea why I’m not in the database anymore that really annoys me because I’ve been a member here since 2006… is it possible it got deleted due to inactivity? I don’t think I have logged in since SFIV first came out, maybe over 4 years.

Asking were to buy something is not asking to buy it from someone. You can also ask in the Regional Forums under Canada for some local help.


A&C games had some Hori V3SAs and some other sticks the last time I went there.
I think P-mall has some HRAPs. Not sure about the pricing, but I think it’d be cheaper to get them on or in North York has a PS3 SCV all-Sanwa stick by Hori. - $149.99

And the new SRK has culled a lot of inactive accounts, that might be why.

haha… when I first read this i thought they were looking for a JLF stick… Yes, A&C Games or Omega Collectables are very active in the local scene and also provide sticks and other accessories for gamers