Interested in Buying HRAP

I am thinking of possibly getting a HRAP because I see a lot of people like using it. I want to ask how it compares to something like the T5 stick because although I like it, it seems like I have trouble using it at times. So I guess could someone tell me how the HRAP1, HRAP2, and T5 compare to each other. And if someone has one for a good price I might be interested.


The HRAP1 has two versions, one with a mirror top thats easily scratched and the other version has the same top as the HRAP2.

above link explains all the HRAPs and Tekken stick and their differences.

I have a HRAP2 if you’re interested. It’s Brand new never been opened for $110 + shipping + paypal fees.

Well I know the difference as far as the parts used for the HRAPs but I am talking about how it plays and feels compared to each stick.

they would feel the same except for the layout difference since all the HRAP have the same stick and buttons. T5 and HRAP have a big diff due to the stick being different.

You are basically stating the obvious and giving me information I already knew. Thanks for the help though.