Interested in INH goods? X-MANIA 7 DVD, The Great Grapple DVD, Yoga Book Hyper + DVD

If these items were available for sale at Evo, would you be interested in buying any of them? (Please be sure to vote in the pole. INH is trying to get an idea how many copies to bring.)

X-MANIA7 DVD - approximately $41


THE GREAT GRAPPLE FIGHTER’S HISTORY DYNAMITE (DVD/sound track/booklet) - approximately $30


  • X-MANIA and The Great Grapple are region 2 DVDs. (The Starting Over says it’s a region 2 DVD, but it will play in an unmodified region 1 DVD player.)
  • Prices are approximations and may change slightly (up or down) come Evo.
  • I am not making any money off of this, and I actually have nothing to do with the sales, aside from translating for INH (for free).

$50 for the YBH is a great deal, if you don’t have one yet, now is the time!

What’s on the Fighter’s History Dynamite? I’ve never even heard of that before

You can download several preview clips for The Great Grapple from INH’s site. (Same link as above…scroll down about 1/3 of the way, to where it has the strange “bull” logo that says, “I believe he is innocent”.)

Translated from INH’s site, The Great Grapple includes:
-DVD: Japan’s national tourney, plus several bonus features
-Soundtrack CD: remixed and original versions included
-booklet: tourney guide (player profiles, interviews, etc), CPU patterns, explanation of the “Dynamite Technique”

I haven’t seen this one myself 'cause I have no idea how to play Fighter’s History Dynamite, but if The Yoga Book Hyper is any indication, I’m sure this is a gold mine for FHD fans. Everything I’ve seen from INH has been EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD.

I would definitely pickup X-Mania and Yoga Book Hyper. :bgrin:

Hoping I can play Region 2 DVD’s on my TV.

X-Mania 7 ftw.

UPDATE!!! I’ll take a Yoga Hyper +DVD set as well.

I can attest to this - I’ve seen INH’s FHD dvd and it is ABSOLUTELY INSANE. :looney: Their works will not disappoint fo sure.

id buy em :slight_smile:

Shag and XTG - Don’t forget to vote! INH is trying to get an idea of how many copies to bring.

I have never seen the FHD booklet so I am not sure if they will be supplying it. I believe I bought the DVD straight from INH and never got a booklet. Even when I see people selling it used it never comes with the booklet. So correct me if I’m wrong on this.


Voted for all of 'em =D

Thank you SO MUCH, this is awesome!


Voted, didn’t realize there was a poll

Wha? That’s bizarre…was the booklet mentioned on the page at the time when you ordered? The only thing I can think of is that maybe the booklet was a “bonus” feature added after you ordered?

Either way, I’m sure they’d give you a booklet for free if you told them your story at Evo. If you have any communication problems, flag me down, and I’ll translate for ya.

Thanks for the help, NKI. These things are hard to find or the shipping is a killer.

I own both: Xmainia & the YBH…

I suggest any ST fan pick one up… Even if you can’t read everything. There is plenty of info in there.

Not to mention there are whole threads and web-sites dedicated to the YBH in the ST forum…

People there are willing to help.

The region thing sorta sucks…

But in general the Japanese players and people with connections should bring Japanese DVDs and stuff to sell at Evo. There are a lot of people willing to buy them (it’s really the best possible location in the USA to sell them, right?), and they can be a bitch to get otherwise.

I voted for all 3. I already own the YOGA BOOK HYPER + DVD but didn’t get the remixed soundtrack so it be worth just buying another for it.

I was curious is there anyway we could buy these sooner then evolution? I.E Paypal + shipping costs?

I am dieing to get my hands on these.


Ummm… the remixed soundtrack is in the DVD case.

i’ll cop all three in vegas if they are for sale

I can actually play The Starting Over on my DVD player, even though it’s supposedly a region 2 DVD. Not sure why that works, especially when this same DVD player won’t play X-MANIA 7 (due to the region code).

If you don’t mind paying more, you can get them from Play-Asia:
YBH + The Starting Over
The Great Grapple