Interested in joining T3AM W ° I ° T™? Have a look inside!

Basically, I wanted to officially introduce the team’s current roster and how loyal, solid & interested players can try to get in. Hopefully, we have made an impact on the HDR community and soon hope to spread to other fighting games. In addition, I feel like alot of great players are constantly online and we would love to present the opportunity for fun, competitive matches and/or tournaments by representing and creating an online “family” were we can pit players versus other players and organize clan battles as well.

Current Roster:
-Swole T
-Eazy Da Kid
-Master zEAloUS
-Dr Inky
-Yang Sze

Now in order to get in, you must do the following:

  1. Private message PhoenicianMinds or Swole T.
  2. Once message backed, we’ll establish a time to tryout.
  3. You chose 1 T3AM W ° I ° T™ member of your liking and we’ll pick the other 2.
  4. You have 1 chance to beat those 3 members in a row.
  5. If successful, you’re in. If not, you can try out a week later.
  6. REPRESENT THE FUCKIN’ CLAN, SON. (or daughter…?)
  7. :wink:

Remember, its not about having a clan with “5 cool players who think they’re better than everyone…” its about a family of fighting game friends that love/deliver competition and play “fair”… :wink: GGs

Post any comments or interest in here as well.