Interesting fact about c.LK and Legs

I don’t know if this should be in the combo thread, but it has more to do with the mechanics of Street Fighter than the specific combo.

First of all, c.LK is +2f on hit. Legs comes out in 4 frames. This means that c.LK does not link into Legs.
Secondly, c.LK cannot be cancelled into specials. Not even Legs.

So, if c.LK can’t link into Legs and if c.LK can’t two-in-one into legs, how does c.LK XX legs work? This sounds weird, but it works because two properties in Street Fighter: The Rapid-Fire property and the mechanics of “tap repeatedly” special moves:

-The rapid-fire property is where certain jabs and shorts can cancel into each other. Jabs and shorts that can be canceled this way can chain into itself, allowing you to string together multiple jabs/shorts. This is the case with Chun-Li’s crouching LK. However, a jab/short that has been canceled into cannot cancel into a special/super… not that Chun-Li’s c.LK can be cancelled into specials/supers anyway.

-The way “tap repeatedly” special moves work, if you have five rapid taps of the appropriate buttons, the fifth tap will activate the special move. Each of the button taps can be of any strength, but simultaneously tapping multiple buttons count as one tap only. The strength of the fifth and final tap determines the strength of the special. If two buttons are used, this activates the EX version.

Now, back to Chun-Li’s crouching short. The rapid-fire property lets you combo multiple crouching shorts together. However, if one of the crouching shorts also happens to be the fifth button tap of your Legs, the previous crouching short will still be cancelled (a la rapid-fire), but the c.LK is replaced by LK Legs. If you used two kicks, you’ll get EX Legs.

So, essentially, you’re not linking c.LK into EX Legs nor are you cancelling c.LK into EX Legs. You are chaining c.LK into a phantom c.LK that never comes out because it’s replaced by an EX Legs. Sadly, you cannot get MK or HK Legs this way. This mechanic works the same way with Gen Mantis Hands (which is moot he can link into Hands anyway). Blanka and Honda don’t have rapid-fire jabs, so they can’t take advantage.

So, how is this information useful? Try this: Hit c.LK and just mindlessly mash on KKK.
As you mash on KKK, a second c.LK will come out (it is the only legal input when your first c.LK is in recovery), and eventually you’ll hit your fifth kick input and it will come out as EX legs. If you’re having trouble with this combo, this method is 100% reliable. No timing or piano-ing necessary. No need to worry about LK Legs coming out accidentally.

So basically it’s like chain/renda canceling. Great read btw.

I concur with GensouGoroshi, good read… now I know why it works ^^. I thought after reading your post that I figured a way to make ex.legs on the ds3 come out smoother, but it’s not working out -.-.

As it stands, I just go all, hand spasm mode on the lk/mk buttons which leaves me hoping 3 things…
a) I get ex.legs and not lk.legs (dear god how many reversal ultras lk.legs has cost me).
b) I don’t press too many kicks, in the event I do get lk.legs, I don’t want to give them even more time to punish.
And, c) I cancel the into legs rather than leaving a gap for mashed out reversals to get me.
This only becomes all the more problematic when theres noticeable input delay, totally throws me off. I’ve had as many as 6 lk.legs come out in a single match (against a 6.5k bp Rufus player, of all things!). So, I thought if I used the r2 trigger as well, and mashed a bit of 3kicks, I could get legs out with a bit more finesse. Maybe I shouldn’t give up on this method so soon, but in training mode I’d sometimes get cr.rh instead of a Oo.

Honestly, I’m not really concerned… When I join 3->4 bar games with little lag, my ex.legs come out when I want them too; so the morale of the story is probably to just avoid laggy games… However, the spasm method does have one other drawback. In that, my arm is getting cramped after hours spent spasming. So; does anyone have any suggestions on getting ex.legs easily on a ds3?

Edit: I just read whawha-whawhawhat’s post above mine and it made me realise the piano method can work on a pad too -.- (curse my slow typing). So, I’m just sliding my thumb across lk/mk (X+O) twice and hitting lk/hk (X+R2). This is gonna callous up my thumb pretty quickly… but meh, I’m used to that from playing guitar. Legs are coming out better and my arm will get some rest, good enough.

Believe it or not when I was on control pad I never even did clk into ex. It was just too hard for me. If i thought someone was open for damage I would stick out a cr roundhouse.

Now, on joystick clk into ex couldn’t be easier, and it’s opened up a whole new game. People have to fear that little foot I constantly stick out there, it’s awesome.

And thundersock, did you ever consider mapping all three kicks to roundhouse? It makes so many things, like clk into ex and ultra so much easier. The only thing is you have to give up df roundhouse. Also this will be bad if you are playing a tournament not called EVO. Or if you plan to play in the arcade alot.

But for me, street fighter is just for fun and this trick can really help.

I just hit lk twice and then on the third press of lk i also hit the triple kick button then hit it again. At first I thought i was only hitting lk twice and then into triple k but I looked at the input register in training and it appears that I hit it three times an overlap triplek then one more triple k. Wait that makes no sense. Trust me though I can get it consistently.

nice read!!! :tup:

i found out about this a while ago and posted it in the attributes forum or the combo forum… but no one listens to me…

LOL! i never figured out why the legs were coming out… i couldnt see a first frame of a renda Kara Cancel… i like your solution much better, as it just seems like a good “fit”…



I’ve been using ciddypoo’s cr.LK, (cr.MK), cr.LK, (cr.MK), 2K method as of late. I’ve gotten really used to it through practice and casual play.

BTW just call me Gensou or GG if my name is too long to type.

Aww, I did notice… I was just completely mystified. I let other people decipher frame date for me -.-.

Yea, I did try that… As well as remapping all the the bumper buttons to see what worked best. When I first got the game doing that helped me do some of the trial mode challenges. But now, I’m so used to the default layout and never using the left bumpers (kkk or ppp buttons) it would take quite a bit of unlearning to get used to another setup. Also, I really milk that df.rh button ^^.

Thanks for the suggestions.

P.S. I’m not sure why but I like typing out the entire name **.

^^^ haha cool… i like frames!

more frames pls!


one low short into EX legs and combo that into ultra:xeye:


thats easy, its the Ex SBK ultra that is annoying

I alwas wondered why I hit KKK and a lk came out

thanks for clearing this up

On a dual shock press LK Kx3 Kx3 Kx3 LK Kx3 it comes out every time. So on default button config thats X, L2, L2, L2, X, L2

How on earth do you mash the left trigger quickly? I know the engage is pretty low on it (you don’t have to depress it too far for it to register an input), but its far too springy for me to press it alot quickly… and I get carried away and press it too deep. That button is just designed for being either engaged or not I guess, with shooters in mind where you just want to hold down the button and carry on shooting.

So, yea, you actually use l2? I find that curious ^^; I stopped using l2 even to get out ultra because I found trying to input a motion with your left hand and press a button usually made me whiff the motion completely and I’d get something like up/foward at the end.

Great read, c.LK -> c.KKK -> KKK has been my empirical, “brainless” method to get c.LK->c.LK->EX legs. I’ll feel less shame knowing why it works :slight_smile:

good explanation Kevin,

c.LK, c.LK, KKK mash was always the method i used but never understood how it worked. Also, KKK comes out as a FK if it’s not rapid fire with LK’s…the way i use this is:

c.LK, c.LK with my hand ready on KKK

  • if the two LK’s connect i rapid fire KKK. Since the KKK is rapid, a 3rd LK comes out and then EX legs right away
    -if the LK’s are blocked, i put a small delay in then hit KKK, so it comes out as c.FK (block string)

This way, im always ready to connect the entire combo, or go into a fairly reliable block string

My method:


If blocked, I just stop. It’s awesome. Just call me the grand wizard (…my bad).

For Hazanshu, c.LK xx EX Legs, or df+HK, c.LK xx EX Legs:

I do LK, MK, HK at the end of the attack, and then c.LK (timed), KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK…

Again, if blocked (possibly because I missed the link), I just stop mashing.

This should be on a fruit roll-up paper strip :D.



if you hit all those KKK’s when blocked, then you waste EX meter :arazz:

He said if blocked he stops mashing so they dont come out.

It’s actually a good method. Im just not fast enough to tell if the lks have hit or been blocked before I execute EX Legs