Interesting little hit confirm strat

Just thought about this now…when you have let’s say a connected low forward, or b+fierce worth of meter to go to get bar, you can throw out a buffered normal without fear of getting it blocked, cause it won’t give you enough meter if it does. It’s just a little time frame specific trick that could mean the match in a tense situation. Thoughts?

This is kind of common knowledge, and imo not very useful, because situations like this rarely come up, and you really have to focus on your meter to be aware of them.

I never said it’s something special, just hardly ever see it, and never really thought about implementing it…but it would still be pretty good. I think if you DID pay attention to your meter though, this shit could be really useful for ARK (c. forward xx super) and Chun for b+fierce (and c. forward, but not so much cause you can hit confirm it anyway pretty easily).

Try it sometime in training mode. Notice how small the area is that a hit will give you enough meter, and a blocked attack won’t. Its just not that great. Also, b+hp is confirmable with Chun.

from necro comboing thead


Its good i use this all the time, i just cr strong till the bar is at the right size (no homo) and then just get a free confirm.