Interesting Oro facts

I’m not sure if anyone posted this before but usually you cannot have two fireballs/EX fireballs on the screen at the same time but if you throw an EX fireball up into the air you can throw an additional EX fireball or a normal fireball of your choice.

Also the motion for his hcb+P grab is not really f,d/f,d,d/b,b+P, it’s f,d,b+P.

Oro can also dash under certain fireballs if timed correctly. It’s hard but possible.

I mentioned this in my other Oro post but Oro can dash over certain characters while they are tech rolling. Here is a list:
Hugo-almost impossible
Ibuki-requires timing

While we’re on the topic of useless Oro trivia:

Oro can duck under Urien’s EX sphere, but not his regular sphere.

Oro can duck, then stand up into a hurricane kick or high LoV as they pass and walk backwards without getting hit.

Oro is immune to Akuma’s KKZ reset except in the corner.

Oro’s penis is visible in one frame of his sweep.

Oro’s pet turtle is cute.

Oro’s 140 year old wang causes temporary blindness. Use this to your advantage and sweep a lot, but don’t forget to look away when you do it.

Looking at the Claw makes me believe Q’s saying, “I’m crushing your head! I’m crushing your head!” (Surely, you’ve watched Kids in the Hall before…)

Click on the attachment if you dare… I’m not liable for any blindness that may result.