Interesting Ruby Heart find

I need someone to test this for me if possible. The video is just to show the effect, but I am not sure if it does setup the unblockable or not.

The requirements:
-Opponent has to be crouching when the combo starts
-It works on certain characters: Cable, Colossus, Sent, Mags, IM, Silver Sam, and others Im sure…

Can someone please check if it possible to block during the dash back part?

Its an interesting find, but it could be nothing at all.

pretty spicy. No clue on why that works that way. Can’t way to see the results after you test it. The pirate hooker is smelly.

What happens on the vid? (can’t get youtube at work)

after the opponent is released from the chain, the character slides back.

…wow, ruby IS a glitchy character.

Sad news. it is blockable. Except with juggs*

-the opponent only slides back if they remain in a crouching position. If they go nuetral or stand up, they dont slide back.

-If the opponent holds d/b they can block the headcrush as soon as they are released.
-In order to make the HC unblockacble, the opponent has to hold crouch but not crouch guard. HC during the start up the slide and the opponent cant block.

-If the opponent crouches and then tries to guard, they cant during the start of the slide.
-If they’re already in a crouch-block position or slide back more than half screen they can easily block the HC.

Oh well.

you know if this caused an unblockable, I would probably think about changing my assist type with ruby from AA to her up chain.