Interesting SF4 find


So, I work at a game store (Can’t say which but im sure you can all figure it out) and I was looking through our coming soon list and found something interesting. I was wondering if anything can expand on what I am seeing cause it has me quite curious. I apologize for the release date being cut off but the first one is Oct.1 and the second is Nov.1


Hm, Interesting. But its sf4, And who cares about that. I would like to see what they look like though, But if its just another TE type stick Fuck that.


What’s even more interesting is that there’s a dedicated SF4 forum.


C’mon now. Give the new guy a break. He more than likely scrolled down not up.


No way! Get outta here dude!


Hey, thanks whoever moved this. Appreciate it. Guess you all can spot the elusive 09er now eh?


It’s probably the all white TE’s we’ve been seeing every where.


Probably new sticks, nice find 09er.


There are new madcatz sticks and pads coming out, they were on eventhunbs the other day. They also showed a mvc2 se stick.



That black one looks sexy actually.


What’s with the price unless I missed a mark up or something : /

New champ stick and R2 TE stick

Oh, im sorry. I am in Canada. So naturally we pay a lot more than you… lol


Ah, you scared me. I was thinking “Shit, I don’t have 200 dollars…”

And, whats the Champ stick? I assume the R2 is the Round 2 all black one.


Well, that can’t be GameStop, because the POS doesn’t look like that. Plus, I’ve never seen stuff categorized be alphabetical order (its done by category/SKU).

I miss my discount :frowning:


ladl ladl with a touch of ladl.


that bison fight pad looks good. I need to scoop that up.


I thought everyone knew about this already? Guess they have release dates for em now. Pics of the new sticks are already on the net. Which is not really a big deal cuz they’re the same sticks with new artwork and new base colors.


Gah, none of the art has Dan in it again. :crybaby:

Although this might mean that the R1 sticks will go down in price. That’s nice to know for us poor gamers.


Close. EB Games (Which is GameStop) And there is an option to sort Alphabetically on the POS :stuck_out_tongue: