Interesting source for boxes

I was at my friend’s place and noticed the drawers on one of his cabinets. They were maple with dovetailed joints.

I looked it up online and found that you can buy replacement drawers quite easily. The size was just about right (15 x 11 1/2 x 4) for a controller. Of course you’d have to add your own internal frame/panels, but part of the woodworking is already done.

Im sure theres other sources for all kinds of replacement drawers, and as my research seems to indicate, they do custom sizings.

Just throwing it out there for you guys.

Uh, link?

theres this place i found:

There was a drawer stick posted up maybe 8 months to a year ago. It was actually pretty cool.

That is pretty neat. You can specify a size, so you could ask for 15"x10"x2", glue blocks into the corners, fashion a metal plate for the top, sane the dovetailed corners round, put on a nice finish… could be quite a nice stick!

Hmm, it does say veneer bottom panel though. Wonder how nice that actually is.

Already thought of it hehe:

Beautifully Ghetto Fab. Love it!