Interesting tips on Doom's TAC combos



At any time during dooms flight, even if its about to end, if you simply start the
j.M(2hits)>j.M(2hits)>j.H, meaning use the first "j.M"
the flight will not end until j.H is complete.
What this means is that you can space these three moves in such a way that the enemy is next to doom when j.H begins, getting a good 3 hits in is key to continuing the “marlinpie” ender (i guess is what to call it).

After that you would do the j.M(1 hit)>j.M(1 hit)>light beam>j.M(2 hit)>molecular shield>hyper

the secret to this part is
if the light beam hits at least TWICE (or only twice, not sure, just know AT LEAST twice),
the target will end up in soft knockdown mode, meaning he will remain stunned until he hits the floor

THIS MEANS that you can wait as long as you want (mostly referring to up TACs) after the light beam (assuming it hits twice) to get closer to the ground, to j.M and continue the combo.



Wow, thanks, that’s very helpful :smiley:


Haha no problem, i found this out while practicing the combo’s myself