Interesting UMvC3 Tournament and Character Stats


Hey guys, I’m starting to collect some stats about UMvC3 tournaments, and I think you’ll like what I’ve been finding. First, let’s start with notable players and their top 8s.

The number not in parentheses is the number of tournament wins that person has. The number in parentheses is the number of top 8 placings that person has.

Chris G - 3 (7)
Justin Wong - 2 (4)
FChamp -2 (4)
Noel Brown- 1 (4)
Masta CJ - 1 (2)
AgeoJoe- 1 (1)
Quandizzle - 1 (1)
Marlinpie -1 (2)
Mihe - 1 (2)
Dieminion- 0 (5)
PR Balrog - 0 (4)
OMG Itz Andre - 0 (3)
RayRay - 0 (3)
Viscant - 0 (2)
Knives - 0 (2)
IFC Yipes - 0 (2)
Flocker - 0 (2)
Unknown - 0 (2)

Some things to take away from this:

[]Chris G has had an incredible Tournament Season with SEVEN Top Eights, and winning 3 tournaments.
]Dieminion has 5 Top Eights, and no tournament wins, the most top eights without actually winning a tournament.
[*]PR Balrog is on the heels of Dieminion with 4 top 8s without a win. Who’s going to win their first Road To Evo Major?
Please request any other players you’d like to see some stats on.

Next, have some character statistics. I counted the number of top 8s that a single character saw.
For example, if Chris G played Morrigan at Civil War and UFGT, she gets counted twice.

Wesker - 41
Dr.Doom - 28
Magneto -23
Vergil - 18
Wolverine - 17
Sent - 16
Dormammu - 15
Akuma - 14
Morrigan - 12
Spencer - 11
Phoenix - 10
Zero - 8
Storm - 7
Haggar - 6

Some takeaways

[]While Zero is widely considered to be the best in the game, he’s only made top 8s in tournaments 8 times.
]People say Wesker is phasing out, but half of the UFGT top 8 had Wesker on their team. And 5 Weskers at the Montreal Annual Tournament Top 8.
[*]Interesting to note that dispite many saying that Sentinel is lower tier, he sees more top 8s than Akuma, Spencer, and Zero.
I’ll count the rest over time, but if you have any character requests, let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


Wesker IS phasing out… he is phasing out from actually winning tournaments.His conversion rate is poor, dozens of players pick Wesker but no one ends up winning a tournament and gets lamed out or beat down. He has as many tournament wins as Morrigan with at least 3 to 4 times the usage.

Most tournament wins belong to Akuma at 6 (UFGT, Civil War, SCR, WinterBrawl, PowerUp, Toryuken) followed by Doom (NCR, Shadowloo, Civil War, UFGT, PowerUp) and Wolverine (SCR, Winterbrawl, NEC, Toryuken, Summerslam) at 5 each. Wesker (NEC, Summerslam, APEX) and Morrigan are tied for 4th place at 3 wins each. Magneto, Storm and Frank come next with 2 wins each. After that a whole bunch of characters have won 1 tournament like Zero, Viper, Amaterasu, Vergil, Dante, Rocket Raccoon, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix, Spencer, Dormammu, Iron Fist etc.

I have a whole list compiled up of character rankings based on results. Will post one either before or after EVO, still got a few tournaments left to go.


Updated up to Montreal Annual Tournament and NorthWest Majors. Also added a few characters to the top 8 list. Let me know if I messed something up!


you should probably mention how many tournaments they actually entered so we don’t get a flock of those idiots saying Kusoru(Japan) has only won once in the US while America has won 30 times or whatever.

Also you should mention some tournaments outside of the US, like Shadowloo Showdown (not sure if that’s where you are counting MarlinPie’s win) the Japanese tournaments and perhaps the UK ones since they have a strong scene.


Did you count NEC? PR Rog won that tourney.


Good stuff man. I really can’t believe Dante has fallen so far, it’s almost like he is irrelevant in the tournament scene thus far.


I don’t really consider those particular stats as “interesting” because they are logically explained.

There are a number of point characters who benefit from a good OTG assist which explains why Wesker is so popular.
Additionally, Sentinel is still a go-to rushdown assist character for many of the Magnetos/Spencers/Wolverines, whereas Spencer has a very situational assist, Zero is reserved to point, and Akuma has just become less popular likely do to the fewer Wolverines as well as the changes to the character.